Deace Show Podcast 12-07-12

freedom to work

Hour 1: $25 million that could’ve changed American history.

Michigan makes history by embracing freedom and prosperity again. We get an update on the major Right-To-Work victory from Vinnie Vernuccio, from the Mackinac Center for Public Policy.

Plus: Jake Velie from Healthy for Life University with more tips on how to exempt yourself from Obamacare.


Hour 2:  “God is Alive and Well,” according to the data…Dr. Frank Newport, Gallup Polling’s editor-in-chief discusses some surprising data on religion in America.


Hour 3:  Feedback Friday responds to your feedback from the past week, including knowing your audience, regrouping after the election, and more.

And, the ten most depressed cities have one thing in common. Is it time for change?