Deace Show Podcast 12-04-12

rand paul

Hour 1: Once again the Republicans follow their mantra…surrender now before it’s too late.

Using the “law” to break the law. Constitution Weekly with Michael Peroutka on a culture of legal plunder and the route back to the rule of law.

Hour 2: Washington sending us over the “fiscal cliff?” U.S. Senator Rand Paul joins us for an inside look at what the GOP has to do to solve the spending crisis.


Hour 3: A new movie about John Lennon…and Jesus? Evangelist Ray Comfort on his new movie “Genius” delves in to The Beatles, God and the Bible.

Plus, interesting polling data about Hispanics that the Republican Party establishment will likely ignore.

  • http://www.voices-of-iowa.blogspot.com/ NGC300

    I think someone is missing something here. They are interviewing politicians.
    Where are the People?
    I want to hear People.
    Not call ins!
    People who are interviewed!
    Interview the People.
    To (Heck) with Politicians.