Deace Show Podcast 11-26-12


Hour 1: A change to Deace’s 10 Commandment of Political Warfare, inspired by our state’s Republican governor.

News and views gets you caught up on all the news you missed over the weekend.


Hour 2: John McCain says it’s time for Republicans to moderate. Do you agree with the little ball of hate?


Hour 3: Bryan Fischer of the American Family Association on what happens to conservatives if the GOP moves left.

  • http://www.voices-of-iowa.blogspot.com/ NGC300

    Where do those RINOs get the idea from — that the ‘young people’ are in favor of the non-marriage of the so-called Homosexuals? From RINO or Democrat Pollsters? That ask questions of the young victims of the Democrat NEA those questions?
    Does the Truth need their approval?

    The Republican Establishment can side-step into Hell as far as I am concerned.
    This is just more of the Homosexual Agenda, trying to make itself a non-issue — like their phony marriage is a non-marriage.

  • M

    Schadenfreude is addictive!!

  • Greggory Matthews

    If it’s not because the Republican Party is too conservative, then why have they failed election after election?

    I ask that not because I believe that we need to moderate our social ideology, because I agree with your program that isn’t the problem, but because as much as I liked your program this night and particularly your discussion with Bryan Fischer, I feel we are playing the RINOs game here.

    We are being placed on the defense here. They say, we need to abandon our social agenda, we say no, but as right as we are, still the RINOS win by making that the topic of discussion.

    Instead let me answer my own question. The Republican Party, or more accurately let me bother the term you used last night, the “Ruling Class Republicans” lose election after election not because of their take on social issues, but their take on ECONOMIC ISSUES. And if we as social conservatives/libertarian conservatives focus on that this would put THEM on the defense!

    What do I mean by fiscal issues? Well surely we in the grassroots agree in lower taxes which the Ruling Class Republicans believe in, or at least say they do. But here is what we don’t share with the Ruling Class Republicans. We don’t believe in Crony Capitalism. They do, and it shows and it drives away people who might indeed for social reasons even support the Republicans.

    Most of America is still middle class. And like Bryan Fischer said, social issues on ballot issues did better than Romney did in many cases. But one’s fiscal concerns are often more important. Romney (and this rubbed off on the other Republicans) was Bain Capital in the eyes of most of America. Bain Capital symbolized gutting companies, firing workers and the like. If I was a middle class guy worrying about the company I work at, sorry, I don’t identify with someone who comes in and gets rid of people like me. If we need to moderate our tone on anything, it’s that. Sure “freedom to fail” and all of that might sound good from a detached, philosophical perspective, but for people who have experienced unemployment either growing up or personally, or at the very least from someone who worries about that prospect, it sounds cruel if not downright threatening.

    Republicans fought against the extension of unemployment. Look, if there’s no jobs there’s no jobs. Perhaps this whole “freedom to fail” thing would seem more reasonable if it was applied throughout our social strata. But it wasn’t. The Middle Class had the “Freedom to Fail”, to lose their homes, their jobs, and for small business owners their businesses, but the corporations, no, they were “too big to fail”. Ruling Class Republicans call bringing this up “class warfare”, but for us who don’t summer at the Hamptons, we feel a real injustice there. Sure you can bail out the big guys but when it comes to giving us a break somewhat on our mortgages or extending unemployment a few weeks, the Republicans cry bloody murder. Somehow the mistakes of the upper class should be covered by government, but the mistakes (and often not even mistakes but just being subjected to something out their control) of the middle class are to be condemned?

    But here is where I believe the grassroots can really bring down the Ruling Class Republicans, and I know that the issue isn’t discussed anymore, and I believe the reason it isn’t brought up by the Ruling Class Press is because this hurts the Ruling Class as a whole, not just the Ruling Class Republicans, but the Ruling Class Democrats, that is the issue of so called Free Trade – NAFTA, GATT and the like.

    Back when these things were proposed and enacted they were done so in order, at least this was their argument, to improve the global economy. Well I think we have given such proposals the opportunity to succeed, and how well have they done? Well how is the Global Economy today, you tell me!

    The Press will not bring up the failure of NAFTA and GATT and how they have harmed Middle Class America, but the candidate that does will not only have the support of the conservative/libertarian grassroots, but will bring alone many of those “moderates” we hear so much about.

    This is where we must hit them. This will put THEM on the defensive. Right now the RINOS have succeeded in making US the issue. It is time to make THEM the issue!

  • Greggory Matthews

    The Republican Party, or more accurately let me borrow the term you used
    last night, the “Ruling Class Republicans” lose election after election
    not because of their take on social issues, but their take on ECONOMIC
    ISSUES. And if we as social conservatives/libertarian conservatives
    focus on that this would put THEM on the defense!

    I believe of course we need to make sure our candidates are right on the social issues before we support them, but after that, where we will totally destroy the RINOS is on Crony Capitalism issues like NAFTA, GATT, Auditing the Fed, that kind of stuff.

    I mean really, check the article below. This upsets the grassroots. The RINOS might want to accuse me of “Class Warfare” by even bringing this up but when a rich person can avoid paying property taxes by putting beehives on some out of the way corner of his vast property, that just seems wrong. And the person who fights against this, and again, the RINOS can call that person a “Class Warrior” all they want, but the person who fights against this will win campaign after campaign.

    Crony Capitalism isn’t really capitalism and we should no more support that than socialism. Republicans are going to have to “moderate their tone” on “freedom to fail” and standing up for the Corporate Class (who then a lot of them ironically don’t even support the Republicans) if they are to ever win a national election again.