Deace Show Podcast 07-26-12

Hour 1: Why is voter enthusiasm down compared to the past two presidential elections?

Mike Woody at the movies reviews The Dark Knight Rises…Could the Nolan Batman films be the best trilogy.


Hour 2: Droughts, forest fires, and natural disasters are everywhere today…Is it God’s judgment? We ask Wretched Radio’s Todd Friel for his thoughts on American culture and redemption.


Hour 3: Meet the one man could turn the entire 2012 election…Constitution Party Presidential candidate Virgil Goode joins us.  The numbers show, former U.S. Congressman Virgil Goode running on the Virginia ballot could make all the difference in the race for President (by making Romney’s struggle to take the electoral college almost impossible).

  • Chris Downey

    Hour 1: Reference comments implying the second movie not being integral to the trilogy.  The second movie might not be part of the myth-construct governing DKR, but it is absolutely essential to the moral message.  

    DKR opens with the good guys, to include Wayne/Batman, perpetuating the Harvey Dent lie.  This lie sets the conditions by which the League of Shadows infiltrates Gotham and raises its criminal supporting army.  Hence the theme that when the forces of good corrupt themselves by lying to achieve a supposed “greater good,” the forces of evil become unrestrained.The most tragic, heroic, and humane sub-plot supporting this theme was that of the Deputy Police Commissioner (Matthew Modine) who starts out as an apparent dupe for Commissioner Gordon’s Dent conspiracy, and ends up donning his dress blues and leading his police force in a hopeless charge into automatic weapons fire.

  • Craig Adamson

    Did Todd Friel play J. Peterman on Seinfeld?  He sounds identical.

    Watching Wretched  Very impressed with his logical approach to assessing life in Biblical terms.  A gift from God for sure!