Deace Show Podcast 07-19-13

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An exclusive program courtesy of the American Renewal Project’s Pastors and Pews event in the first-in-the-nation caucus state of Iowa.


Hour 1: Our review of Sen. Ted Cruz’s speech.

A rare interview with American Renewal organizer David Lane.


Hour 2: Why the only hope for America must come from strong leadership in the pulpit with featured speaker Dr. Laurence White.


Hour 3: Our review of Sen. Rand Paul’s speech.

Featured speaker, and influential historian, David Barton of Wallbuilders on America’s legacy (and we address recent controversies surrounding his latest book on Thomas Jefferson, and his relationship with Glenn Beck.)

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  • scooter

    Hey Adbusters,

    They just keep setting the bar a little lower, that’s all! It’s hard to maintain this level of mediocrity!

  • rebekahmaxwell

    Hey there, sir/ma’am.

    Sounds like you want to reprimand me. I’m here right now, addressing the issues you mentioned, but never let it be said that I ducked a good reproving. Take it away, dear listener. What correction do I most deserve?

  • adamhome

    Is the Hour 3 file fixed ?? Did you guys just delete the earlier comments ??