Deace Show Podcast 07-17-12

romney leader

Hour 1: Mitt Romney finally goes after the Obama Regime…no really. No, seriously, he did.

How should your state government react to unlawful acts of Congress?
We ask Michael Peroutka, from the Institute on the Constitution how a state can/should combat anti-Constitutional federal legislation…and what to make of Obama’s insult to small business and private industry.


Hour 2: “We Won’t Get Fooled Again,” the Book Study. What happens when a culture confuses consequences with condemnation? What love is, and what it isn’t.


Hour 3: Who is Bradlee Dean, and why is he being kicked out small towns and having videos scrubbed from You Tube for being “hate speech?” We get to know Dean, director of  You Can Run But You Can’t Hide Intl. and host of the Sons of Liberty radio show.

  • Tom173

     Bradlee Dean said he would be at the library in Dunkerton, Iowa This Saturday (Jul 28). I think it would be awsome if thousands of Christians showed up there to support him.
     Is it too much to ask of us to support him and show anti Christian groups that we will not be intimedated? I will be there, hope you will also.

  • Sherry R

    Really enjoyed the Bradlee Dean segment…..neat on fire for God man!  Love it!  We need SOOO much more of that….and I guess that means….it has to start right here.  So, thanks for the encouragement and the challenge!