Deace Show Podcast 06-21-12

Hour 1: A hilarious example of liberal hypocrisy exposed.

Mike Woody takes us to the movies with “Rock of Ages,” and other more rockin’  options.


Hour 2:  Taking a stand on life…and not backing down? It can be done. Keith Mason of Personhood USA joins us to talk about their national effort to confront anti-life Republican phonies in primaries.


Hour 3: New York Times best-selling author Stephen Mansfield joins us to talk about his new book: The Mormonization of America.

  • Jay Kirkwood

    Steve I understand why you don’t want to go this far yet, and I know you are a political commentator but you do speak from a Christian perspective to a largely Christian audience. SO, let me say it for you, I don’t believe a good Christian can vote for Mitt Romney because of the damaging spiritual effects his election to the White House would have in its “fulfillment” of  Joseph Smith’s “White Horse” prophesy.

    This negates, in my mind ALL POLITICAL CONSIDERATION.  You don’t even need to go to whether Romney would be better for our country than Obama, in fact you SHOULDN’T go there if you are a true Christian. Even if Romney was America’s last hope (he isn’t) even if he was the second coming of Reagan (he isn’t) even if the re-election of Obama will for certain destroy America, still as a Christian you can’t vote for Romney.

    This is putting country BEFORE God. Well really it is just putting party before God because Romney won’t save America, but if Romney was what all these Establishment Republicans said he was, voting for him would be putting country BEFORE God.

    I understand your hesitance to debate this on this level, but you do speak to a Christian audience and I do think it is wrong to consider the political consequences of voting for Romney when the spiritual consequences are so severe.

    Christians should be asked, is your country more important to you than God?  Because that is basically what the Republicans have laid out for us. And if a Christian by his or her support of Romney says  YES, then what really is the true state of that person’s Christian faith.

    Yeah, sounds harsh, but it is what it is.

    • Gene

      What you are saying is that helping your country at the expense of God (if indeed Romney and Obama were what the Republicans say they are and the effects of voting for Romney are what they say they are) is a sin.  To do something you think will benefit America but by doing this you commit this sin of putting Country before God is very unchristian indeed.

      Now one might find comfort in the understanding that no, Romney wouldn’t benefit America not even in a political sense, but that doesn’t matter.  What matters is the harm his election to President will do spiritually.  To even debate the political effects of such a vote all but indicates one is at least considering putting their country before God.

      Instead of God and Country, the choice the GOP gives us is God OR Country!

      Nothing comes before God. Not the Republican Party. Not even the United States of America comes before God.

  • Susan Jackson

    I am a Catholic (sorry) but I thought it was perfectly appropriate and indeed necessary in a predominately Protestant  America for then Senator John F. Kennedy to be asked about the type of loyalty he believes a Catholic has to the Pope. Surely the concept of Papal Infallibility was one that wasn’t well understood by non-Catholics or even Catholics back in the 1960s or for that matter even now.

    But the Catholics themselves had discussed this doctrine for centuries, and the boundaries and conditions for this infallibility were well established.  It must concern a doctrine of faith or morals, not politics.  And it wasn’t in all that the Pope said – it was specifically when he is speaking from what is called “Ex cathedra”.  It was an appropriate question that was asked and answered.But I don’t think it has ever been asked of Mitt Romney, much less answered about what he believes about the infallibility of Thomas Spencer Monson, who is the Mormons’ current leader and considered “prophet” for the religion.It is my understanding that for Mormons everything Thomas S. Monson says comes as if it was the word of God, not just specific limited statements of faith as it is with the Pope. If I am wrong about that and if the Mormons have indeed limited the scope of Monson’s infallibility I would like to know.  I don’t think it’s an inappropriate question to ask of someone I am putting in charge of the most powerful country on earth. I mean if he really thinks that Monson speaks for God well obviously that is going to give Monson great influence over Romney wouldn’t you think?Why haven’t I even heard the name Thomas Spencer Monson during this campaign given the perception of infallibility his position within the church gives him? Surely everyone in the 1960s knew who the Pope was at the time, but I bet few in America (except Mormons of course) have even heard the name Thomas S. Monson.If people could ask Kennedy about the Pope why can’t people ask Romney about Monson?  And Kennedy was merely a member of the Catholic Church whereas Romney has served in leadership roles in the Mormon religion.

    • Tim

       From the Musical “Book of Mormon”.  Song “I Believe”

      I believe that God has a plan for all of us.

      I believe that plan involves me getting my own planet.

      And I believe; that the current President of The Church, Thomas Monson, speaks directly to God.

      I am A Mormon,

      And, dang it! a Mormon just believes!

      Steve, I recommend you seeing this Musical. Yeah, it gets pretty crude at times, LEAVE THE KIDS AT HOME, but apart from that it make significant points about the Mormon Faith.

    • Grant

       Mr Romney – YOU’RE NO JACK KENNEDY.

      Sorry, I had to say it before anyone else did.

      And he isn’t. Jack Kennedy was far more CONSERVATIVE than Romney is.

  • Margaret Tennison

    “Jackie Robinson Moment?”

    Are you Kidding?  That’s the analogy you use?

    I don’t think either you or even Stephen Mansfield understands the significance that having a Mormon President has for the Mormon theology or Mormons. It is far more than a “Jackie Robinson Moment” or even what  the election of John F. Kennedy was for the Catholics.

    Try Constantine’s conversion to Christianity after the Battle of Milivian Bridge or how the Battle of the Trench was considered by Islam. No, not even those analogies gives the favor of how pivotal the election of a Mormon President will be seen within the Mormon community. It’s fulfilling a prophesy. It is a validating that Joseph Smith was really the prophet he claimed he was.  I am trying to think of analogies to compare what this will mean but I quite can’t capture it.

    Within Mormon Theology it is claimed that in 1843 Joesph Smith made a prophesy that suggested that a Mormon would one day rule the White House. It is known as the “White Horse” Prophesy.  Well if Romney wins then 169 years after Joseph Smith made such a prediction, it came true. Well I guess Joseph Smith was a Prophet after all. See the Mormons were right. At least that is how they will perceive it.

    It will be a validation of their faith.  You can’t say that about any other religion. Sure, I mean if a Hindu became President Hindus would think it cool and all but it wouldn’t validate their faith the way a Mormon President would. To them it would be merely a “Jackie Robinson Moment” but not the culmination of their total theology. 

    That is why, more than any act I can think of, voting for Romney will be one of the most ungodly thing I can thing of. It would be a vote, whether we would like it to be or not, a vote for Joseph Smith as prophet, a vote for the justification of the Mormon Religion, a validation of heresy. It can be nothing other.

    So this is not a question about whether a Christian can vote for a non Christian for public office or even whether a Christian can vote for a non Christian for our highest office. Those are questions in and of themselves, but this is so much more significant than that. Because of the unique way Mormonism has placed itself within US history we are really talking about the validation of heresy here. And given how many souls that will be condemned as a result of the Mormon Church receiving this validation for a lack of a better term, no perceived benefit can justify the act of voting for Romney for President. None.  It is a sin!

  • Tim

    Voting for Romney is voting for the validation of the Mormon Theology and therefore a sin.

    It really is as clear as that.

    And he is a RINO. But as Christians we shouldn’t even go there because even if he could save America it wouldn’t justify voting to validate heresy.