Deace Show Podcast 04-16-13


Hour 1: We in the media again prove that instead of rushing to judgment, prudence and discernment is required in times of crisis.

Dr. Herb Titus joins us for Constitution Weekly to discuss the tension between security and liberty, illegal immigration, and Pat Toomey’s sellout of the Second Amendment.


Hour 2: Rand Paul and America’s spiritual cleansing…we get details with David Brody of CBN, who recently asked Rand two-day’s worth of tough questions.

Plus- The Republicans once vehemently opposed Obamacare. Now they want it implemented faster?


Hour 3: The argument we can’t afford to lose…Ryan T. Anderson of the Heritage Foundation with a clear-cut defense of marriage.

  • JTWilliams

    I applaud Steve’s attempts to reach out to libertarians for the coalition that will be necessary with social conservatives to defeat Democrats in the years to come. The coalition Rand Paul is attempting to forge wont work unless all “right-wingers” will be able to deal with some compromise positions that will offend the sensibilities of each. At that point, wont we just have another Mitt Romney?

    This fallback position of “we can always just support Santorum” is a loser- he’d lose by a much greater margin that Romney did if he were to secure the 2016 Republican nomination. The social conservative wing may be much bigger than the libertarian wing today, today- but its far from a national majority. It’s also unbelievable that purported tea-partiers would support an openly anti-libertarian candidate like Santorum! Those of us who reject collectivism and the strong arm of the federal govt in all matters have to come together. But there can be no coalition if we demand the federal government to step in when it suits our own social purposes.