Deace Show Podcast 04-02-13

alveda king

Hour 1: The GOP wants to reach out to minorities, but also abandon the social issues that those voters embrace?

Constitution Weekly with Michael Peroutka examines the real job of the jury…and the courtroom hypocrisy Steve saw while on jury duty.


Hour 2: So a man who made his living by gruesome baby-murder, is “elegant”? Even a victim of racial prejudice? We get a real look at the Kermit Gosnell murders trial with Dr. Alveda King, accomplished pro-life warrior (and niece of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr).

And an educated perspective on the sexuality questions that pervade our culture with Joe Dallas of Genesis Counseling.


Hour 3: The UN passes sweeping gun restrictions…what will it mean from you and me? We ask 2nd Amendment scholar,  John R. Lott, Jr. to predict the consequences of the UN small arms treaty.

Our conversation with Joe Dallas, a counselor who works with sex addicts, and used to live a homosexual lifestyle, on why issues of sexuality or so prevalent in our culture today.

  • David_in_Houston

    Generally speaking, I don’t take advice on human sexuality from a self-loathing closeted gay man that’s pretending to live a “straight lifestyle”.

    Pornography has nothing to do with the social acceptance of gay people in society. Sexual orientation is not a behavior or a choice, so viewing porn would have no impact on that aspect of a person’s identity. If a straight man were to watch endless hours of male gay porn, I seriously doubt that he’d suddenly find men sexually attractive. The opposite would most likely occur, since he is innately attracted to women.

    As for polygamy, it has nothing to do with same-sex relationships. 95% of the populous can marry the person of their choosing. The other 5% can’t. We are only addressing those 5% that are being discriminated against. Polygamy was banned in our country in 1899. Even the Mormon church isn’t interested in re-legalizing polygamous marriages.

  • Neil

    Mr Dallas sounds well meaning but his message is rather muddled. He kind of says that people become gay due to a permissive society but then back pedals and says he doesn’t really mean that and then reasserts that it’s still a relevant comment. He sounds confused.

    I’m sure that greater acceptance is a huge relief for people coming out these days but that’s a far cry from the way Mr Dallas presents “permissive society” that somehow makes being gay an attractive choice that a person will regret later. And that’s a weird idea too, that you can maintain attraction to the same sex against your will, as if attraction to a gender is something you can accidentally bring about and then be fixed into.

    I’ve never met a person who didn’t simply discover their patterns of attraction. I’ve never met a person who made a decision to actively program themselves into their sexual orientation. It’s pretty simple. You like who you like. Mr Dallas has tied himself into knots to try to justify his ideology.