Deace Show Podcast 04-02-13

alveda king

Hour 1: The GOP wants to reach out to minorities, but also abandon the social issues that those voters embrace?

Constitution Weekly with Michael Peroutka examines the real job of the jury…and the courtroom hypocrisy Steve saw while on jury duty.


Hour 2: So a man who made his living by gruesome baby-murder, is “elegant”? Even a victim of racial prejudice? We get a real look at the Kermit Gosnell murders trial with Dr. Alveda King, accomplished pro-life warrior (and niece of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr).

And an educated perspective on the sexuality questions that pervade our culture with Joe Dallas of Genesis Counseling.


Hour 3: The UN passes sweeping gun restrictions…what will it mean from you and me? We ask 2nd Amendment scholar,  John R. Lott, Jr. to predict the consequences of the UN small arms treaty.

Our conversation with Joe Dallas, a counselor who works with sex addicts, and used to live a homosexual lifestyle, on why issues of sexuality or so prevalent in our culture today.