Deace Show Podcast 02-27-13

Blank billboard at sunset

Hour 1: It’s a boy…err…girl…err…who knows?

More controversial than the Obama birth certificate billboards? Joseph Farah of WND on his bid to spark moral revival in America…by taking us back to the basics.


Hour 2: How well did your Congressman vote? Adam Brandon of FreedomWorks grades your elected officials, in their congressional scorecard released today.

Plus: what happens to Christianity in America if our moral foundations collapse?


Hour 3: Worldview Wednesday concludes our series on messaging as Steve goes toe-to-toe with a socialist and an Occupy Wall Streeter.


  • sparksd

    I finally got to listen to the show. I especially loved the Worldview segment. I need to learn this stuff so I hope you do this format for the Worldview segment more often. I found dissecting real arguments very helpful. Also I love the deconstructing you did of the Tebow stuff. Learning how to argue with each worldview is challenging. Thank you for doing the hard job of teaching us. I’m going to recommend your show to both of my Senators.

    I did hear a rumor floating around that you, Steve, might run for Senator. At the time, I thought it was a great idea. We need a well trained person, like you, who can fight the good fight in the Senate. But after hearing this show, I hope you don’t because it’s much more important that you stay here in the trenches with us and teach us to fight. In the Senate you’d be one well trained soldier fighting pretty much alone. Here in the trenches you’re one well trained soldier training up an army that can fight beside you.

    Thank you, Steve, Jen, and Rebecca for all you do to train us.