Deace Show Podcast 02-21-13

tebow caves

Hour 1:  Mitt Romney to the rescue at CPAC?

The first ever convicted domestic terrorist…and the media silence is deafening. We get the latest with Ken Blackwell from the Family Research Council.

Hour 2: Did Tim Tebow cave to the tolerance mob? The Deace reaction to an apparent stumble for Tebow.

Hour 3: What is this sequester, and should we be afraid of it? Should we embrace it? We ask Daniel Hanson of the American Enterprise Institute to help us make sense of the sequester debate.

  • Mark B.

    Paul’s friend. The other Tim. A better example. “Backward Christian Soldier” – How long before be hear that on contempory Christian radio?

  • Don Meinshausen

    Our brother Tim has committed an unforced butt fumble. We still love him. Invite RGIII instead. He fears God.

  • RC Davis

    Mark B – That tune has been playing for years… all you have to do is start listening closely to the sermons being broadcast…