Deace Show Podcast 02-18-13

ryan jindal rubio

Hour 1: ABC News calls on former VP candidate Paul Ryan to respond to Steve Deace.

Weekend News and Views includes a fascinating preview of 2016, Governor Bobby Jindal’s victories, Marco Rubio’s strategies, and Chris Christie’s irrelevancies.


Hour 2: A young woman dying after a late-term abortion is tragic enough…but is there a connection between the abortionist and the White House?  Legal columnist for Breitbart News, Ken Klukowski details the ugly truth.

Plus: Jeb “Never” Bush says he wants to be the next LBJ? We can’t make this stuff up.


Hour 3: At the Brink…will Obama push us over the edge? We get some sobering facts about our fiscal future with noted economic researcher (and 2nd Amendment scholar) John R. Lott Jr.

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