Deace Show Podcast 02-06-13

fertility rate

Hour 1: How to defeat Karl Rove at his own game, and the two questions the mainstream media has been asking Steve the most.

We get the Heritage Foundation’s take on illegal immigration with their foreign and defense policy expert, Dr. James Carafano.


Hour 2: “What To Expect When No One’s Expecting.” The disastrous details of our falling birth rate with author Jonathan Last of The Weekly Standard.


Hour 3: Worldview Wednesday looks at the power of messaging… what it takes to win (and lose) a culture.

  • donawyo

    Just thought I’d say, Great shows tonight. Also, thanks for having great sites on your site. I started Health for Life University and plan on getting a membership. My husband and daughter will be part of it too, even if not as involved as I am. They’ll benefit from healthier eating. Also we bought Nick’s Sticks. Love them. Really love that they are so healthy. I will do the constitution class and the economics class too. Just can’t do it all at once. Thanks for recommending such great things.

    May God continue to bless you.