Deace Show Podcast 02-05-13

ew jackson

Hour 1: Another sign the Islamists will eventually win.

Constitution Weekly with Michael Peroutka takes on the news, including President Obama’s drone kill list…and what you wish your sheriff would say.


Hour 2: Conservatism goes beyond color…Black conservative E.W. Jackson discusses his run for Lt. Governor in Virginia.

And, it’s decision-time for the Boy Scouts. What will be the consequences?


Hour 3: The man that should make John Boehner beware…Chris Chocola of the Club for Growth on Karl Rove’s new anti-Tea Party initiative.

Is Fox News betraying conservatives? Journalist Bob Eschliman says it’s time to break up with the GOP giant.

Plus: Republican governors nullifying conservative election victories? We’re talking to you, North Carolina.

  • donawyo

    Great show. If I lived in Virginia, I’d vote for him.

    Maybe it’s time conservatives broke off and made their own party. Republicans just use us and won’t listen so let’s rise up against them and take the election away from them. Conservatives could do it!!!!

    Of course, Boy Scouts are chartered by religious groups. If they weren’t, homosexuals wouldn’t be after them. Off to listen to more of the show.