Deace Show Podcast 02-04-13

no father

Hour 1: The Republican civil war is officially underway.

News and Views, including Karl Rove’s opening shot at you, Cuccinelli’s strong stance, and Deace’s take on the Super Bowl.


Hour 2: The roots of our culture of death go much deeper than guns. Talk show host and columnist Larry Elder gets at the real source in his latest book, “Dear Father, Dear Son.”


Hour 3: “Spin Masters.” David Freddoso of the Washington Examiner on how media spin masters avoided the real news and helped re-elect Barack Obama.

Plus: Ron Paul did his son Rand Paul no favors on Twitter today…did Rand “Sister Souljah” his dad?

  • Chris Downey

    Re Hour 1 and latest from [K]BL. Steve opines eloquently about abusive relationships, yet when it comes to the GOP, he’s ever more determined to see the deck chairs rearranged rather than head for lifeboats. He is right about one thing–we might as elect Democrats.