Deace Show Podcast 01-22-13


Hour 1:  One of the best defenses of the right to life we’ve ever read…by none other than Jesse Jackson.

Constitution Weekly with Michael Peroutka breaks down Obama’s inaugural address and what the Constitution says about the right to life.

Hour 2: Senator Rand Paul joins us to discuss Obama’s inaugural address, the debt ceiling, the 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, and his recent trip to Israel.

Plus: The top 11 reasons we’ve known all along we’ve been killing children.


Hour 3: 40 years after Roe v. Wade…a strategy that stops the killing.
Instead of talking about the “gun culture” when it comes to mass shootings, should we look at popular culture? We dissect Hollywood’s impact on real-life violence with John Wohlstetter of the Discovery Institute.