Deace Show Podcast 01-08-13


Hour 1: The time is now to rally and unify the Right, and there is an issue that presents that opportunity.

Constitution Weekly with Michael Peroutka responds to the now-infamous NY Times editorial that says it’s time to do away with the “evil” U.S. Constitution.


Hour 2: Can conservatives and libertarians rally ’round the issues?  We get a good start with American economist and NY Times best-selling author, the one and only Tom Woods.


Hour 3: The next front in the pro-life battle surfaces in Virginia, and why the nation will be watching, with Terry Beatley, founder of No Excuse Ministry PAC.

  • Jay Fradd

    Great interview with Tom Woods! Thanks for having him on and and interesting discussion!

  • JTWilliams

    All of us who oppose socialism and statist solutions to every problem must find a way to unite, or we will fail. As it is, I love America, but I believe we are getting to a point that the country is so large, the govt so powerful, and the people so divided that secession will become an increasingly popular idea in the coming years. We all know that the east /west coasts are virtually different countries already, with completely different values from those in “flyover country.” Christians must come to realize that our government is wicked, and it has been for quite some time.