Something Wicked, This Way Comes

By Steve Deace

The know-it-alls told us Newt Gingrich was unelectable because of his adulterous affairs that led to two divorces. The know-it-alls told us Rick Santorum was unelectable because his social conservatism is outside the American mainstream. The know-it-alls  told us Ron Paul was unelectable because of his libertarian views, and even tried to tie him to some racist letters.

So the know-it-alls told us we had to nominate Mitt Romney, because he was the only one pristine enough to beat President Obama. Since we can obviously trust the know-it-alls, we can trust they will have a ready defense for the video you can watch below:!

That video is a powerful piece of propaganda. And I’m seeing it all over Facebook among my own Facebook friends, and you can probably guess about 80% of my Facebook friends think Jim DeMint isn’t conservative enough.

So if my Facebook friends are taking this video viral on social media, imagine what the other side is going to do with it. And then imagine how undecided voters who don’t yet know Mitt Romney — and the only thing they know about Mormons is they dread them knocking on their door — are going to react to it.

And this video is just the beginning.

Some of President Obama’s most ardent supporters represent the “New Left” folks like David Horowitz have been warning us about. These are not folks content with having government even the odds for the little guy like a Harry Truman or a Bill Clinton. These are true social reconstructionists, who oppose every foundation America was founded upon. Their greatest desire is to take us back to the failure of Western Europe from whence we came.

Since these people have no respect for any aspect of Americana, you can bet they will do whatever scorched earth tactic it takes to win this fall — including using videos like this.

I don’t know how much of the things alleged in this video are true. I’m not a trained theologian. I just play one on the radio. I know a lot about the origins of Mormonism and its theological and historical claims, and I don’t believe them nor find them credible which is why I’m not a Mormon.

But some of the other things alleged here are new to even a theological nerd like me, which means they’ll be breaking news to most Americans as well. Many of those are our friends and neighbors who haven’t even formed a real opinion of Romney yet, and videos like this could be used to define him.

Especially when some of the devastating clips in this video come from well-known media like Good Morning America and 60 Minutes. Evangelicals may recognize well-respected Christian thinker and broadcaster John Ankerberg.  The video even features a clip of prosperity gospel preacher Rod Parsley, one of the mainstays on one of the world’s largest Christian television networks TBN, referring to Mormons as “racists.”

Emboldened by the Right back in 2008 exposing all of the anti-American sermons from President Obama’s former pastor Jeremiah Wright, the social reconstructionists who see another four years of Obama as their best chance to put the Constitution through the paper shredder are going to have a field day with videos like this.

But I’m sure the know-it-alls have it all figured out, so there’s nothing for those of us concerned about what a second Obama term might look like to fear. After all, if there’s one group we know we can rely on in the heat of battle, it’s the know-it-alls. I’m sure neither Romney, nor any of the conservatives we got elected in the 2010 mid-terms that are up for re-election this year, have anything to worry about from videos like this.

On second thought, I shouldn’t have even written this article, given the phenomenal track record of success the know-it-alls who gave us the Pax Romana of President Dole and President McCain. I’m sorry to have even alerted you.

What, me worry?