Morning Briefing: August 28th, 2012

By Steve Deace

Romney On the Sanctity of Life 

Today’s morning briefing contains one, and only one news item.

Below is a clip of a recent interview Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney just gave to CBS News. When asked about the life issue, Romney says:

“My position has been clear throughout this campaign. I’m in favor of abortion being legal in the case of rape and incest, and the health and life of the mother.”

That last line is the key phrase. The “health of the mother” is a line Democrats who don’t want you to know they’re for child killing on demand (like Bill Clinton, for example), have been using for years now. “Health of the mother” is a fallacy. It basically gives a doctor free rein to sign off on killing a child for essentially any reason.

Perhaps Romney misspoke. It’s a long, grueling campaign. Nobody can be on all the time. However, considering how many different positions Romney has taken on the life issue in his political career, and he was the only candidate who refused to sign any pro-life pledges during the primary process, nothing should be taken for granted. Especially because this is language that I don’t have a record of Romney using in this campaign cycle.

Is this another etch-a-sketch moment?

Also, notice at the end of the clip where Romney says child killing “is settled” in the courts. I wasn’t aware that courts made law, and must have missed that in the U.S. Constitution. Again, that is exactly what the Democrats think. The wording Romney uses in this clip would put him in line with every Democrat nominee for president in recent history, except for this current one who once voted for infanticide as a member of the Illinois state legislature.

This is something every pro-life group in America ought to be letting their supporters know about.

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  • REB

    Where can I find a copy of “Obamney Nation” in the local book stores?

  • TastyBurger

    Courts don’t make law – they interpret existing law.

    The beauty of this democracy thing is that If you don’t like the interpretation, you can lobby to change the law. Instead of acting like a completely irresponsible whiny toddler.

    But considering you’re in this purely for the profit instead of actually serving God or making useful changes (which means you are just as bad as the GOP establishment you constantly whine about), I’m sure the terrible twos act will continue until someone takes your toys away for good.

    Frankly, it can’t come soon enough

  • Erik Charter

    Life of the mother I can see. But that’s very rare. Supposedly my great grandmother had an abortion for this reason but I have no details. There’s a big difference between “life” and “health”, though. Rape and incest make no sense since the baby has nothing to do with how it was conceived. Adoption may be appropriate, but not abortion.
    Is most of your (Deace’s) online interaction with listeners on Facebook these days? I liked interacting with those people in the past but am no longer on Facebook. I have a lot of problems with the stridency and aggressiveness of the religious right these days and like to argue about that with some of the proponents of that strategy but don’t know quite where to do it.
    I am more of the mindset that we need to patiently endure wrong than to strongly assert our religious rights through politics. I think we testify to Christ more with that posture than we do through political activism and organization. Plus we don’t have to make our beds with politicians to do it. I vote but I just don’t put a lot of stock in that whole world anymore. The change it results in is so limited.

  • surfcitysocal

    The conventioneer lemmings seem so willing to go over the cliff with Romney. It’s makes me want to cry.

  • Erik Charter

    I think Steve is of the mindset that the culture was not transformed by the previous generation of Christian conservatives because they went about it the wrong way — they compromised. Could it be that culture can’t be transformed by Christian conservatives because that’s not what Christianity is about? It’s hard to evaluate all of the motives of the Christian right because people get a lot of money, power, and attention as a result of their activism. I’m not saying people are necessarily getting rich, but full disclosure of who is making what for doing what is necessary to fully evaluate motives.

    • Cecil_S

      Why don’t you explain what Christianity is all about?

      • Erik Charter

        Christianity is about being saved from God, by God. It is about dying well, not living well. It’s about people being changed, not cultures being changed. The religious right gets this all backwards and is an offense to non-Christians for all the wrong reasons.

      • MiddleE

        Jesus didn’t die to just save us from wrath of God’s judgement.. that is part of it… but there is an abundant life.. being content, doing amazing things for God.. when the anemic church changes, then culture would change, but few in the Christian world are disciples they are mere converts with a get out of Hell free card… divorce rate is the same… situational ethics. few ever pick up the bible.. . we worshiped at the alter of politics and this is what we have now

  • George Iverson

    Health of the mother is an exception so broad that even Francesco Schettino (the Captain of the Costa Concordia) could manuver a cruise ship through it. A recent article by a doctor who has delivered numerous babies over many years stated that he never had an occasion where terminating the pregnancy was ever medically neccessary for the health or life of the mother. When complications arise the goal should be to save the life of the mother and child.

  • Jay Strawbridge

    Everyone needs to read the book “CAN MITT
    OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA”! This is the best, most informative,
    truthful and shocking book out there on Romney (written by a former Mormon
    Bishop’s daughter) and I could not put it down. She covers both the religious
    and political TRUTH ON ROMNEY. Our country is in deep, deep, deep trouble!