A big win for sure, but not victory

  • Brandy Thomason

    Today is a great day, no doubt. America has scored a great victory. Following the news stories though, has led me to some questions. When the United States is checking Bin Laden’s DNA, what exactly are they checking against? Why is there no video or imagery from the event at all? Why exactly do we bury an Enemy of the State at sea, according to Islamic traditions?

  • Cecil

    They checked DNA against his relatives. Pictures will come out. We buried him at sea because we did not want a “shrine” on land somewhere so that the extremist could “worship”. Now what I do not agree with is that we did it according to the Islamic tradition. If OBL really did hijack their religion, then why would the Muslims care what happen to his body? Plus he killed over 3,000 Americans and caused untold finanical loses – who cares what their tradition was? We should have did what we wanted to do with the body not what they wanted done… AND this is a lesson on what our military does best if we allow them to fight like they can…