Do we sue, impeach, or stare at President Obama?

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Should the president be sued for his lawlessness? Should the president be impeached for his lawlessness? Or should we keep on staring, see how it goes?

First, the lawsuit.

The Speaker of the House’s resolution for Congress to sue the president is a huge mistake. Before I explain, grasp the idiocy of Boehner balking at impeachment because the democratic Senate will “never convict the president”… while furthering a plan for the Congress, as a whole, to sue the president for the same reason, despite the same logic telling us the Senate will “never sue the president.” That’s a logical contradiction or my name isn’t Captain Obvious.

Boehner has lost so many of his marbles that the democrats are making more sense: “Rep. G.K. Butterfield (D-N.C.), a former judge, said the latest suit introduced a host of new legal questions. “Do you really want to cede to the courts the authority to resolve disputes between the branches?” he asked. “Would you want the president to sue the House for missing a budget deadline? How would it end?”

In other words, what if the black robes the judges wear don’t actually make them infallible? What if the courts end up granting the executive branch new powers in the same way they did with the Obamacare fine-turned-tax?

The only reason Boehner wants to sue the president is because he has daddy issues. He needs validation. He needs the Supreme Court to dub him with a magic wand and empower him to do his job and bestow upon him the Article I power of the purse that he already has, and the subsequent power to shut down 17% of the federal leviathan (but it’s a draconian 17%, mind you).

This is the reason Congress dipped to a 9% approval rating. Not because they are “too tough” on the rest of the government, but because they actively ask other parts of the government to do their jobs. They have the stamina of a stuffed panda, the grace of a drunk lemur, and the spine of a twerking jellyfish.

Now, impeachment. If Obama does unilaterally grant amnesty, he will be taking a section of our existing federal law that prohibits work for illegal aliens, and overwriting federal statutes. He’s going to write out a law passed by both houses of Congress and signed by a previous president, because he wants to “do stuff” while saying “I have a pen and a phone.” Is that an impeachable offense?

If you answered “yes,” then you have proper circulation through your brain.

Now, IS he going to be impeached? Probably not, but all reasons for not doing so are pathetic, particularly: “Well but then we would have Joe Biden!”

Look, Joe “Gaffe-tastrophe” Biden has been Obama’s impeachment insurance policy since 2012 when he re-nominated him. It was Obama holding our country hostage by daring us by with a senile, horny Vice President in the late stages of dementia. But if Biden did become president, he could harm the Republic no more than Obama… the 3,000+ unelected employees of the federal bureaucracy would keep on legislating and running the country.

What WOULD happen is longstanding embarrassment and shame for the Democratic Party that would last for 20, maybe 40 years.

He would mark his signature on the wrong page of bills. He would puke up his beer on the foreign dignitaries. He would give a press conference with oatmeal on his tie.  He would drop f-bombs as he read children’s books to students on those tiny plastic chairs. He’d skinny dip too much. He’d talk about “porking” female ambassadors while his mic was still on. He’d make rape jokes all over the place and accidentally blurt out his nuclear launch code on a live TV interview.

And yet he would be the colon cleansing of America for 2 long years (unless he absconded with Air Force One to Bermuda with his harem and never came back). Our allies would feel such pity they would be air-dropping “keep calm and carry on” leaflets in our cities, and our enemies would be scared that Biden would bump the big red button he stumbled around his office looking for his pet chicken. I really don’t see the long-term downside. Think about it: the democrats would do what they always do–Defend other democrats. And as they defended President Biden, citizens would petition for recall elections against their representatives all across the country. There would be mass defections and resignations of democratic county chairmen.

But here’s the serious point: the damage done would be the kind that we could easily clean up, like toilet paper on our trees in the front yard and Lego’s strewn all over the house. As opposed to Obama’s methodical destruction which is poisoning our trees by burrowing spikes into the sap, and where ash, glass fragments and rubber cement are rubbed into the carpet.

I’m sick and tired of our slow descent. Call Obama’s bluff; force the democrats to excommunicate their own President Biden from the party right before 2016. Bring it.

Matthew Ung is a Christian, constitutional conservative, and works in healthcare administration. He serves as Co-Chairman of the Woodbury County Republican Party and as Chairman of Sioux City’s Effective Fiscal & Public Policy Committee.

A 2nd generation immigrant with a (legal) immigrant wife, he holds a master of business administration degree from Creighton University, and a master of theology degree from Life Christian University. Matthew is an SSI-certified Advanced Open Water Diver, but can’t seem to find any good reefs in the Midwest. He is also the Republican candidate for Woodbury County Board of Supervisors.

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  • Conscience voter

    Let’s do it asap!!!!!!! Tell Congress to strap on their artificial manliness and begin the process.

  • bookworm

    Sue first and hope he resigns. Then after the Republicans get the senate, impeach him. Then convict him for treason in a criminal court, and give him the death penalty.

    • Charlie27

      I agree with you.

      • bookworm

        We hope — but I don’t think he’ll get his just desserts this side of the grave.

  • Bob Jones

    Folks, this LYING-POS-SQUATTER-IN-CHIEF may have Articles of Impeachment brought against him in the House, but he will never be removed from office by a vote of 67+ in the Senate. Suing him will accomplish noting as I am pretty sure the courts will say the House GOP have no standing to do so. However, what the House can do, Constitutionally, is cut off the funding for all of Obumnutts little actions and willing accomplices, such as cutting funding for the DOJ, IRS, DHS, EPA, all the White House CZARS, Air Force One and Two, as well as Marine One. Folks, the only thing this cretin will understand is when he no longer has the money to carry out his intent to destroy this country!!!

    • Lester

      Can we elect those Republicans that would impeach. We could maybe see a majority of 55 in November, but that is a long way from what we need in the senate.

    • darkcyder

      His actions lately remind me of the kid who wins the Make a Wish foundation dream, and they let him be fireman for a fay. He gets to do all the fireman stuff, but you don’t want him around when a real fire happens. Jeez 8 years of make a wish president…

    • cHUCK

      Bob – I like your solution… but remember the “sequester.” Our RINO Speaker of the House let the de-funding get so watered down it was not only ineffective, it ended up being used against the Republicans in both the House and Senate.

      What we need first is to press the weak Republicans and RINOs in the House to remove Boehner from his position and replace him with a real leader who has the stones to engage the fight full on. THEN we might see a serious de-funding action that could save us from the next two years of national destruction ala Obama.

      We, as voters, need to work hard to force the Republican Party “leadership” to force the 15-odd RINOs in the Senate to return to the Republican fold and stop selling out to Team Obama. That may require some changes to be made during the remaining primaries as the fall election approaches, because at present the Party leadership has declared war on all conservative candidates IN THEIR OWN PARTY!

      I’m not convinced that Biden is as senile as he acts. He’s a cagy politician who’s been around a lot of years and has survived to become VP. Of course, it IS possible that Obama took him along as impeachment insurance, as was suggested. But neither Obama nor Biden could do much if the House cut off funds for every stupid/destructive move – including executive orders – AND set about dismantling all of the federal agencies and offices that are not Constitutionally established.

      I agree that an impeachment won’t work at this time and probably won’t work after the fall elections. What IS do-able is to revamp the House and gen up enough energy to de-fund stupid new bills and de-fund ObamaCare outright. Those two things, plus forcing a border security program that reverses Obama’s executive order amnesty, might keep us going until Obama’s term expires in 2016. This can be done IF 100% of conservative voters go to the polls this fall and VOTE conservative. If that doesn’t happen, there’s not much that can be done except gripe a lot and call liberals nasty names.

  • Dale_G1

    ALL THREE! Until he GOES AWAY!

  • Lennart Bilén

    Impeach, convict and declare ineligible>

    Please impeach me, let me go
    I can’t usurp it any more
    Make decisions is a chore
    and bargain, it is to me a bore.
    I believed in change and hope.
    It changed for worse, I cannot cope
    I began to sulk and mope
    I am at the end of my rope.
    I have had all I can take
    Dethrone me now for goodness sake
    Lest a bigger mess I make
    So check my credentials, I’m a fake.
    I was made in U.S.A.,
    but born in Kenya, so they say.
    ineligible to play
    commander, defrock me, don’t delay.

    More verses:

  • MichaelZZ



    Senator Obama, when he was running to represent the Democratic Party in its quest to win the 2008 Presidency, was very aggressive in his call for the elimination of the “so-called” Bush tax cuts for those with taxable incomes (T.I.’s) in excess of $250,000.

    Subsequent to becoming President, Mr. Obama said that he would let the “so-called” Bush tax cuts for those with T.I.’s in excess of $250,000 expire at the end of 2010, according to the “sunset” provisions. The “popular” rationale was that it might damage the fragile economy if that portion of the Bush tax cuts were eliminated.

    Prior to the 2010 national elections, Congress did not address the continuation of the “so-called” Bush tax cuts. It seems to me that it would have been great politics for the Democrats to pass an extension of the so-called Bush tax cuts for those with T.I.’s under $250,000 prior to the 2010 elections. That was not done. Why?

    What was the reason that this was not done, given that this was the stated desire of the Democrats and President Obama? It would have been the correct action to take and great politics preceding the 2010 elections.

    The most rational and logical answer is that there never was any intention to allow those “tax errors” to expire.

    Please note that I have re-characterized “so-called Bush tax cuts” as “tax errors”.

    Alan Greenspan, on January 25, 2001, testified before the Committee on the Budget, U.S. Senate, regarding the “outlook for the federal budget and implications for fiscal policy”.

    His testimony reflected that his biggest concern was the disposition of federal receipts once the national debt was paid off due to the “burgeoning federal surpluses”, which had been projected. His full testimony can be read @

    Thus, it appears that Mr. Greenspan lobbed a softball to Mr. Bush for the major tax “cut” of 2001. It was passed in an effort to mitigate the potential damages, as outlined by Mr. Greenspan, due to the projected “burgeoning federal surpluses”.

    How many of our Senators and Representatives suggested that much, if not most, of these “projected” excess collections could be used to fill the shortfalls in Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid?

    Further, with some of those funds, we might have thought about repairing our bridges and roads, rather than to include such expenditures in a “stimulus” program.

    The Fourth Estate should be posing the question to all who voted for this legislation: “Had you known then what you know, now, would you have voted in favor of that legislation?”

    Thus, my conclusion that “tax cuts” be re-characterized as “tax errors”.


    Our Senators and Representatives have “constituents” and “clients”.

    Could it be that President Obama is a pawn?

    Could President Obama be an example of the Peter Principle?

    Is Nancy Pelosi’s protesting of the extension of the Bush tax “errors” a façade, since she did not bring this up for a vote, prior to the 2010 elections?

    There is, absolutely, no rationale for the Democrats not to take the appropriate action without any Republican votes.

    6. Errors, problems, pain, etc., are facts of life, but once these are recognized, efforts

    should be put forth to eliminate or mitigate.

    CONCLUSION: Anyone who votes to extend the Bush tax errors regarding T.I.’s in excess of $250,000, whether temporarily or permanently, should be Impeached and ousted.

    As always, comments will be appreciated.


    November 12, 2010

  • Nomen Nescio

    None of the above. You have to undo all he has done. Dig in, lie, cheat and steal, but prove him to have been ineligible for the office of POTUS and everything he as signed or ‘Executive Order’ed become null and void. That would probably scare the crap out of everybody in Washington, but there would be NO constitutional crisis. The procedure is already, and always has been, in place.

  • Adhemarde

    The author only mentions the Biden problem as a reason not to impeach. The reality is that the Senate would NEVER convict, even if we had a Republican majority as we did with Clinton, which we don’t. What WOULD happen is that obama would laugh at us, play the race and sympathy cards, and the demoncrats would win all their races as a result. The reason is, in short, that impeachment is absolutely no threat to obama. It was never conceived as a judicial proceeding, but as a political one by the Founders. The people and the Congress must want to get rid of the President, and crazy as it may be, they don’t. All the Congress can do is defund obamacare and all his other spending, which they have not done so far. Instead of passing the buck to the jucicial branch, how about using the Constitutional powers you actually have, Mr. Speaker?

  • David S. McQueen

    I agree that a lawsuit is tactically stupid and that removal by the Senate is impossible. However, as Andrew McCarthy points out, impeachment is a POLITICAL act and the American people do not have the POLITICAL will to remove Obama. They are comfortable with the welfare state, especially if they’re on the receiving end. The country has changed since the Greatest Generation. The radical leftists (Marxists) have, with the support of the ignorant and immature liberals, won the battle. The war will continue but as long as there are those on the left waging war on America and on conservatism, the fight will not end quickly and certainly not without massive destruction and damage to the fabric of America.

  • Merlinever

    There is no question about what should be done about Obama. Since he committed treason at least 14 times during his first term in office, and I’ve lost track of how many times since then, Obama should be arrested, tried, convicted, sentenced and hanged in accordance with the law.
    The same goes for all of the other members of his administration who have committed treason, Hillary Clinton being at the top of the list.

  • cleanwater2

    There is another action that can remove both Obama and Biden legally within the frame of the Constitution but it requires us to think Critically and outside the box.

    Do you agree with what Obama and his

    If you really want to protect this country because you swore an oath to
    protect the Constitution then you and the members of the state
    legislatures better get your asses in gear!!

    There is a Constitutional way to do it! Off course by the time all
    the make believe lawyers (politicians) figure out what the Founding
    Fathers had in mind 240 years ago , it would be too late because
    Obama will be entrenched as Dictator Obama.

    Look at the highlighted section below.

    {The president is the appointee of the majority of states by the wisdom of
    the Electors chosen by the states (Article II section 1). If the
    person chosen by the Electors proves to be a misfit, the States have
    the responsibility to remove the misfit from office. As a majority of
    states put him in office an act by the majority of the states (26 )
    can remove him from office.}

    While this action is not specifically elaborated, there is the 10th
    Amendment that Reserves to the states any powers not delineated
    elsewhere in the constitution. Federal laws does not trump the
    Constitution. Federal law is not an Amendment to the Constitution
    therefore any Federal election laws or opinion of a Federal judge can
    be overturned by the states via the 10th Amendment.

    “The powers not delegated to the United States (federal government my
    addition) by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States,
    are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.” –
    See more at:

    It would require at least 26 or more states to work together. This
    country can not survive if they do not. This is a lot to ask in an
    Election year, being Constitutional American.

  • Michael Barrett

    I just find it hilarious that “leaders” of the rabid far right are such experts on what to do with this out of control president – taking shots at Boehner who is attempting to do something that will work. The fact is IF THE RABID RIGHT HAD SHOWN UP IN 2012 WE WOULD NOT EVEN BE IN THIS SITUATION:

    It is insanity for those who caused this problem to act like they are the experts for getting us out of the situation. How about this – NEXT TIME SHOW UP TO VOTE AND THEN MAYBE YOU WILL HAVE A SEAT AT THE TABLE DECIDING WHAT TO DO.

  • Bill

    There is another choice. WE the people of the United States, as stated in the US Constitution, have a right to purge any/all that fail to uphold the Constitution, against ALL enemies foreign and domestic. Our domestic enemy is sitting in the White House and at the end it will be the PEOPLE of the United States that will purge the White House!!!!!

  • literalistic

    Impeach the Hamas BOY, Obama, for opening our Borders. Also, I would like to answer your question Steve, that if there was an illegal immigrant in my area would I report it, yes I would, but will the police be on the side of the illegal immigrant or on my side ? Also we see illegal immigrants at business places, is it legal for a business to hire illegal immigrants ? One day I confronted a worker from landscape company, and he told that he NO SPEAKEEEEEE, NO English, also on my last job at a restaurant, did you know I was required to have a Health Card, and I got my health card, but the illegal immigrants that worked at that restaurant didn’t have their health card, now why did I have to have a health card, and the illegal immigrants didn’t have to have a health card, was that fair to me, yep, I’m all in favor of impeaching the Muslim Brotherhood, BOY.

  • Helen Tritt

    He does not have any INTEGRITY to resign, therefore We the People will have to REMOVE HIM. He has ZERO CHARACTER OF DOING ANYTHING RIGHT, EVERYTHING IS ABOUT HIMSELF. The most NARCISSISTIC, EVIL, I am not even going to qualify him as being human other than walking on two legs. His personality traits are very, very similar to Hitler then go from there.