Sex Jokes with Six-month-olds

by Rebekah Maxwell

You know those little jokes that are meant to be wry and funny, yet end up being world-destroyingly horrific manifestations of all the worst things about humanity?
I’ve found ’em. And they may be the most distasteful things I’ve ever seen in pop culture.

Were you one of those 60-million people swept up in the “50 Shades of Grey” riptide, that’s titillating housewives and replacing bibles in hotel rooms? Do you have an innocent little baby that you can exploit? Why not use him/her as a billboard for your newly popular BDSM fascination?

It’ll be so cute!  No way dressing a six-month old in a sex joke could be sick or anything…take it from the ones being vicariously tied up, beaten up, and objectified; we know class.

50 Shades of Grey for kids. Here you go, America. Apparently, we asked for it.

If one picture is worth a thousand words, here’s a hefty essay on our own sad demise:

  • RS

    As the great prophet Stan of South Park once said, “That’s pretty f—– up right there”

  • Mr Robinson

    It would not surprise me that this advertising campaign was part of a larger money bomb from “Focus on the Family”. (drum kick followed by large snare-cymbal crash)

  • Chris Downey

    Haven’t seen the source of this issue. (I don’t get out much.) But given the source you describe, I am surprised and relieved that normal child birth (rather than abortion) is the end result.

    The marketing ploy would seem more logically connected to its source material than all that “Prayer of Jabez” marketing hype was to its source.