Reporter changes mind on Hamas after rocket fired right next to him

The media coverage of the war in Gaza has been what we might charitably call a bit “one-sided”: typically Palestinians are seen as the victims, and Israel as the evil aggressors, blasting innocent children in UN schools for no reason.

But nothing cuts through a reporter’s narrative on Hamas like a rocket fired right over his head.

French reporter Gallagher Fenwick was reporting live in Gaza on the “humanitarian crisis” when Hamas fired a rocket right next to his position, live on TV.

In a densely populated civilian area. Near a UN building.

Like Israel said they do.

After the incident, Fenwick is now reporting the truth about Hamas’ war tactics:

h/t The Right Scoop


  • a_goodtarheel1

    So you believe it now huh?! Dumbass! Did you really think that Israel should have just put up with thousands of rockets being fired into there country every month, even after they had made numerous concessions to the thugish Palestinians?

  • Don

    It is weird as to what it takes to make a reporter see the light even though it’s the light from a rocket.

    • tarfu

      You get ten up votes for that one

      • Don


  • Sol_of_Texas

    I guess most reporters (especially these days) are not good investigators and have little knowledge of history. At least Judith Miller did some research before she wrote “God Has 99 Names”.

    • Shofar threading

      It seems (of course !) many reporers haven’t quite seen with “God’s sight”. But perhaps — just perhaps — as they are figuratively being “hit over the head” in seeing these rocket sites their vision is improving. Not as vivid as God’s, but a start. Now for the pseudo- American media to follow suit, hmmm?

      “Nothing in all creation is hidden from God’s sight. Everything is uncovered and laid bare before the eyes of him to whom we must give account.” Hebrews 4:13 <

      • Sol_of_Texas

        Indeed … eventually.

        There is nothing more dangerous than someone who is so egocentric as to pretend self-divinity. It is THE critical flaw in all authoritarians.

        I think the ancient Greek characterization of ‘hubris’ holds very much today … “those whom the gods will destroy they first make proud”.

  • Glatik

    Do you believe it now?

  • Dempsey Coleman

    I guess he had a come to Jesus Moment.

    • Betty4440

      a pity Hamas didn’t have a coming to Jesus moment.

      • Dempsey Coleman

        I keep hoping the Moderate Palestinian Women will wake Up one day and decide they love their Children More than having Dead Hamas Boys a few years from the time of their Births. As a Father I can’t Fathom Not loving your Kid or Someone Else s Kid Blowing them Selves Up.

        • Kenneth Kirkham

          That will happen when pigs fly. There are NO moderate Palestinians. They are a made up people with a made up name. They are simply terrorists.

          • Dempsey Coleman

            I still have some hope a some Love their Kids more than being a bomb device

          • Kenneth Kirkham

            These people are taught that death is preferable to life so they are doing what they believe is good by allowing the children to die for the cause. Place your wonderful optimism toward people who at least try to live with others.

  • ShepherdsLamb

    So, you’re saying, Israel didn’t have to ask him, “Can you hear us now”??

  • 1LTLos

    This is not a debate buddy – what you reported and what you experienced is reality of the situation! Isnt it amazing what a few stubborn “journalists” who have only faint knowledge about what it is they are reporting can bend pro-sentiments in the direction of those who are out right liars, aggressors and peace violators?? Thank goodness your were given a shake to see what is UN BS and what is the truth!!! GO IDF!!!

    • azrt1

      So scary isn’t it how stupid so many are. They swallow monumental lies. The UN is a terrorist organization, an evil entity. THEY need to be stopped. America always stood that they would not take us over, and now we have been handed over on a silver plate. It makes me sick to think of the damage they do, all while pretending to be practically holy.

      • Rhonda Renee Albrecht

        The UN is an entity that is controlled by the NWO… Queen Elizabeth II, and the Committee of 300… which is comprised of the likes like George Soros, Warren Buffett, Prince Charles, Camilla (Charles’ wife), Prince William, Stephen Harper (Prime Minister of Canada), Tony Blair, David Cameron, Bill Gates, Bill Clinton, several members of the different houses of royalty throughout the world, the prime minister of Australia, et al. Even the Mossad is a part of it. John Ratzinger (aka Pope Benedict XVI) is a member. Tavistock Institute, Brookings Institute, SRI International, MIT, among other organizations. The Rothschilds, the Rockefellers, the DuPonts, and other dynastic families.

        • 1LTLos

          Well the UN Building is on Rothschild property and they havent done a damned thing except make trouble, collect parking tickets and steal their billions of US dollars yearly – That building would float beautifully on its side in the Atlantic Ocean and its destination I could care less -Just not in the USA — How old are all these families – When you look at Mr NWO GHWB
          he is now a decrepit scrawny stringbean — Freaking idiots just need to die or get an attitude adjustment.

      • 1LTLos

        Well the UN Building is on Rothschild property and they havent done a
        damned thing except make trouble, collect parking tickets and steal
        their billions of US dollars yearly – That building would float
        beautifully on its side in the Atlantic Ocean and its destination I
        could care less -Just not in the USA — How old are all these families –
        When you look at Mr hot s#it NWO himself, GHWB he is now a decrepit
        scrawny string bean — Freaking idiots just need to die or get an
        attitude adjustment.

  • rocky63

    We have so many “geniuses” in the media. If you hit them right over the head they can get a message. Other than that they operate out slavish devotion to Obama and, as liberals always do, find it’s always America or Israel that’s in the wrong.

    • azrt1

      As many have said, obo could murder a kindergarten class in front of the WH and the left would find some way to blame it on Conservatives. They are so far gone, I don’t know if they are retrievable. The truth that what Israel is dealing with is coming soon to a city near us. I despair that even as rockets fall on their heads these people would understand that they themselves have brought it on. Israel stands between us and the terrorists. Our illegal squatter and his criminal cabinet certainly do not.

  • GoldenRudy

    Well, there goes Fenwick’s invitation to appear on MSNBC, CNN, CBS, ABC, etc.

    • Glatik

      He might be a CNN reporter. This segment will not be shown maybe.

  • JJ_Swiontek

    Well, Gallagher Fenwick will have a price on his head now.


    As journalists everywhere are automatically endowed with the omnipotent knowledge of everything and this gives them the power to make the super self informed comments. The forefathers gave in trust one of the most important rights to the press. A right they have violated and corrupted and for profit. Instead of building the way to watch and protect this nation it has been used to bring us down. In their arrogance that they are in partnership with the government to help control the nation. We have one that has seen the truth, its a start. My Mother was an ignorant woman with only third grade education. still she valued education. She gave me a piece of advice that has served me well….Don’t believe anything you hear and only half of what you see. She had more common sense than any politician

  • Suzie W

    Nothing like some skin in the game to wake up a reporter.

  • Mac Boy

    Hey Fenwick – “Incoming” -DUCK!!

    (ha ha ….see him jump?)

  • JMWinPR

    Bet this won’t change one, count ’em not one mind in NYC’s Central Synagogue

  • 2brnt1

    I’ve often wondered how the MSM reporting would be like if only Christians lived in Israel and there were no Jews to hate. I believe anti-Semitism is on the rise world-wide because the Hamas terrorists (no real match against Israel) are successfully using their war with Israel and the propaganda generated by the deaths of civilians, counting on world opinion to turn on Israel and thereby help Hamas do what it can’t do alone. Their goal is to make way for the eventual Islamization of the Western world. After all, the terrorists have their eyes on the ultimate prize, the United States. Destroying Israel, in their warped minds, is merely the first step.

    • christomlin

      If Israel were a Christian country the establishment media would be even MORE critical and even MORE insistent that Israel allow terrorists to come in and kill all its people. If there’s anyone the anti-American set hates more than Jews, it’s Christians.
      Anti-Semitism has a long and well established history, coming from both the left and the right. But the contemporary hatred of Christians is the left’s beloved baby. It trumps everything.

  • rodstew

    Liberals will still question this live report and keep on with their lies.

  • fm3359

    These hamas animals will ONLY stop when they are all DEAD.

  • grumpy

    UN building providing cover for the terrorists… blow it away, Israel.

    • Dennis DesOrmeaux

      Yes blow them up so you may have peace Israel.

  • ImAPepper1942

    I bet he peed his pants !

  • ActualConundrum

    Well duh. For a reporter he’s awfully late to the story.

  • rollervic

    Well, well, well. How about that. Hamas is really firing rockets from densely populated areas. Now do you believe the Israelis?

  • Stagea

    Would you rather be near a rocket or a missile from Israel ? Rockets are just a bit bigger than the ones rocket enthusiasts play with. Convince me– show me the terrible damage cased by rockets.

  • denlee

    When is the world going to wake up and recognize that Hamas, and Sharia Islamists, are agents of the true Satan, clearly evidenced by their evil efforts to kill anything that stands for righteousness. There is but one True God of the Universe, and one true Satan – and by their evil deeds, the Sharia-ites demonstrate clearly where their allegiance falls.

  • FlyTyer2

    When a Liberal French reporter (I use the term “reporter” with great reservation) begins to see the light, there is hope for the rest of the insane Liberals to also wake up to reality. I hope the world soon wakes up and authorizes the use of low level but well placed nukes in Gaza. The people of Gaza are responsible for the terrorist activities of Hamas, they did vote them into power.

  • Stealth

    Brain dead liberals don’t get it until THEY become the ‘victim’….

  • jd1958

    Liberals don’t believe the truth until it jumps up and smacks them in the face HARD.
    Then they still doubt. Because it doesn’t fit into their ideology and world view.

  • ltfbhh

    Obama’s one-time campaign organization, now morphed into the political action group “”, is circulating a petition to take action against Israel for its “crimes” against the Palesitinian People. Is there any doubt which side Obama is on?

  • Jacqueleen

    Get rid of the UN. As an American Citizen, I am tired of paying for a corrupt organization of thugs who are inept at keeping peace and determining human rights conditions. Then, evict all of the Palestinians to any of the Arab nations surrounding Israel. They will be more comfortable and feel safer living in that environment and so will the people of Israel. Perfect solution. The Arabs want to annihilate the Jews from Israel….Well, then, Israel should evict the serpents.

  • theronald

    Some of these reporters may “get it” now, BUT tomorrow they will say that Israel started it, and those poor Ham Assians are just responding.

  • Bill Johnson

    What is it that seems to MAKE apparently normal human beings side with Hamas. Hamas is EVIL, but Liberal idiots will stand in line to kiss their a$$.

  • Robert Weiss

    Liars and fools! They bring destruction upon themselves. Not only physical, but spiritual destruction through their false god and false teaching! They are liars and believe the lies of their false religion! Their prophet is false and dead! Their God is nonexistent! My God blinds them, allowing them to wallow in their foolish ways! No one can defy my God! The Son of God, our Saviour, Jesus Christ is risen! He is alive!

    These fools don’t know, after all these years, that Israel will respond to THEIR aggression? If they stop THEIR provacation of Israel they and the innocent may live!

    They must delete Hamas from their nation – drive them out! This may save their future and many of their own beloved people’s lives!

    Palestine, Hamas and nonbelievers of the world, I pray the one, true God opens your spiritual eyes to see and ears to hear the Truth! Repent! Turn from your wickedness. Turn to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob! True life eternal is in Jesus Christ with Him in heaven! Our true Father, who loves us beyond our wildest imagination, sent His Son, Jesus Christ, who, shedding His precious blood, was crucified on a cruel cross, dieing for the sins of the entire world, was buried in a borrowed grave and IS RISEN! Jesus tells His disciples to go, make disciples, baptizing them in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit! We proclaim, “Jesus Christ is the Son of God!” Hallelujah! Amen!

  • John Rocker
  • jr_hkkdo

    Bless Mr. Fenwick’s heart…he is doing what all good reporters should be doing…speaking truth to power. However, I would say to Mr. Fenwick: Please watch your back, and maybe move to another area. You will not now be well appreciated by Hamas and the other anti-Israel powers that be in that area. You have also now become their enemy. Stay safe!


  • Michele Henson

    Exactly to the comments below!!!
    my question is why did he side w/ Hamas in the first place?
    He’s a brain-damaged libtard!!!

  • CrabtownUSA

    He might be reporting where the launchers are, but he doesn’t believe that Hamas is wrong…