“Osama” Crossed the Border, Free and Clear

james o keefe osama on border

Americans’ concern over the present Border Crisis/invasion has repeatedly been met with this calming phrase:

Don’t worry. The border is secure.

Yes, the border that’s being crossed illegally, hundreds of times per day, leading to the “crisis” level of illegal immigrants in America? That one? It’s totally secure.

To illustrate how laughably false this platitude is, investigative filmmaker James O’Keefe, and his group Project Veritas, traveled to the Rio Grande, and tested our “border security” firsthand.

Dressed as Osama Bin Laden.

Guess what happened.


“I don’t see a single federal officer anywhere: no walls, no guns, no people,” O’Keefe said, once he’d easily waded across the river to American soil.

Interviewing a sheriff, whose county borders Mexico, O’Keefe asked, “Do you think our border is secure?”

“You’re looking at it,” the sheriff responds. “If you think four strands of barbed wire is securing the border, then I guess it’s secure.”

“Does the President know about this?” O’Keefe asks him.

“The question is, ‘does he care’?”  the sheriff replies.