No Love Lost, Piers.


Weekend News and Views
by Rebekah Maxwell

Piers Morgan Show pulled: CNN has announced, after three years of ever-sinking ratings, that “Piers Morgan Live” will be cancelled next month. Morgan told the NY Times that his ratings were “painful” and specifically cited his public anti-gun crusade for the decline, saying folks in the midwest were angry “about this British guy telling them how to lead their lives and what they should do with their guns.”

So it turns out, a foreign elitist living in America, constantly hating on America for being American, is not beloved by American viewers. Who’d have thought? And even CNN eventually has to respond to our semi-free market. Or maybe they just realized a fundamentally simple thought– that when you’re offending people, the one group you really don’t want to tick off is the group with all the guns.

No Regrets from Susan Rice: When is an apology not an apology? When it comes from the Obama administration. On Sunday, National Security Advisor Susan Rice (feeling safe yet?) told NBC’s David Gregory that she had no regrets about her infamous interview just days after the Benghazi attack. Remember when she blamed an anti-Islam YouTube video for inciting a spontaneous protest that turned violent? Any regrets about that?

“No,” Rice said. “Because what I said to you that morning and what I did every day since was to share the best information that we had at the time…that information turned out in some respects not to be 100 percent correct, but the notion that somehow I or anybody else in the administration misled the American people is patently false…”

Except we know that’s not true either, Madam Rice. It was revealed in hearings that SOS Hillary Clinton knew it was a terrorist attack that same day. So either you’re still lying to us, or our “national security advisers” are kept too ignorant to do such a job.

Lesson 1, never say you have “no regrets” when talking about four Americans being brutally murdered in a foreign attack you refused to call an attack.

D’Souza speaks out: What do we call it when the most outspoken critics of a president suddenly get slapped with unrelated legal charges? In Soviet Russia, we might call it vindictive, troubling, even despotic. In America, we call it coincidence.

Author and filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza wants no such ambiguity in his case. He told Megyn Kelly on Friday that the FBI indicted him on campaign fraud charges as “retribution” for criticizing Obama. He fears his case is one part of “the broader pattern of going after people who are critics” saying, “There is a sense here that Obama treats his critics not merely as people who disagree, but as enemies.”

Such an accusation should never even be entertained against the elected leader of a free nation. But we’re entertaining it now, aren’t we, America?  That is a stronger indictment against this President than any documentary could be.

Power shifts in Ukraine:  The violence in the streets of Kiev has captured the global spotlight, and now the opposition has officially captured the throne. They’ve ousted President Viktor Yanukovych (who has fled the city) and are now seeking to arrest him on charges of mass murder in the deaths of protestors. Their new interim government allies their loyalty with the West, (rather than Russia) and is calling on America and the EU to provide them resources to save their country from pending economic collapse.

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has condemned the “armed mutiny” in Ukraine, and said western support for the revolution is “an aberration.” European leaders have pledged to step up “with a checkbook” to support the new government’s rebuilding efforts. Now it’s up to President Obama to show Russia, and the world, where we stand. Gulp.

Venezuela in a “spiral of death:” Revolution is in the air in our hemisphere, too. In the shadow of Ukrainian unrest, Venezuelans have been rioting for three weeks over their government’s reactions to their collapsing (socialized) economy. Amid the bloody uprising, the Venezuelan government has restricted internet access, attempted a media blackout (including throwing out CNN), beaten and jailed protest leaders, and threatened to revoke protestors’ passports.

President Nicolas Maduro says he knows the problem. Could it be the crippling communist policies of Hugo Chavez, that turned an oil-rich nation into a hyper-inflated sinkhole waiting to drop? No, actually the self-proclaimed “son of Chavez” says it’s America’s fault, blaming U.S. intelligence services for “giving the green light for overthrow” of his government. He has now called for a meeting with Washington, presumably to help us help them fix the mess.