Obama Decrees Faith Groups must choose: God or Guv’ment?


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Obama forces religious groups to choose between God and Guv’ment: For any believers still on the fence about our current commander’s convictions, let him be clear…he doesn’t believe in the “separation of church and state” either. He will tell you what to believe and how to behave, or else.

Barack Obama announced his newest executive edict (right as the 2014 campaign cycle heats up, by the way) that declares all groups who receive federal contracts must either be willing to hire LGBT workers or give up federal funding. Which is his characteristically-illegal way of demanding that religious groups “choose ye this day who you will serve.” Either obey God’s morality or government’s…there is no middle ground.

We’ve always known tolerance is a one-way street: what happens if a governor withholds funding for groups that obey a dissenting morality (Planned Parenthood, for example)? The Feds threaten to pull their/our money. It’s their favorite (and only non-brutal) recourse.

So while Obama again attempts to bully charity groups on behalf of the tolerance mob, he’s teaching us a valuable lesson in government bribery.

What if faith groups just said “no” to the drug of government dollars? The guv’ment would probably still come begging for your help, but their demands would hold no sway. Then religious groups, like most foreign countries, could laugh at Obama’s attempts to threaten them, and assert the only real response to his bullying: “bring it on.”

Peace in the Middle East, by John Kerry: After a violent weekend between Israel and Hamas, Secretary of State John Kerry is headed to Cairo today to promote a new peace agreement. Kerry’s new sense of urgency was caught on an open mic just before his interview with Fox News Sunday.

“It’s a hell of a pinpoint operation, it’s a hell of a pinpoint operation,” Kerry said to an aide on the phone, with some measure of frustration. His comments seemed to be criticizing the Israeli government’s assurances about the limited scope of its attack and ground invasion of Gaza.

And trust him, John Kerry knows his “pinpricks” (ahem, Syria). But he also stated that Israel has the right to defend itself, which one might presume means when your enemy keeps firing rockets at you, you need to stop the threat.

On Sunday, Obama called for an “immediate ceasefire” between Israel and Hamas…which will probably work about as well as the last one, one Israel agreed and Hamas kept on shooting. But this time John Kerry is at the helm. Get ready for peace, everyone.

Hillary- Hates Growth (?) but likes the GOP Establishment:” “Growth is the handmaiden of inequality.” I’m not sure those words mean what she thinks they mean…but she sure said them. In an interview with Charlie Rose on PBS, Hillary Clinton attempted to make the case that her statist policies promote more economic growth, when she dropped this verbal tangle:

“You have to run a very specific campaign that talks about the changes you want to make in order to tackle growth, which is the handmaiden of inequality.”

Clinton’s sentence through a word-nerd’s filter:
1) Who wants to “tackle growth”? I thought a growing thriving economy is what we want to experience, not prevent.
2) Everyone needs to stop using the word “growth.” It’s not a tumor… it’s money in your pocket, it’s building your dream, it’s unlimited potential. Try “freedom,” instead.
3) A handmaiden is a servant, something that assists in an essential way. So Hillary is saying that growth is the “right-hand man” of inequality. Probably the exact opposite of her intended meaning…which is why she’s exactly right.

Economic growth does serve “inequality,” because people are unequal in skill and ability. I’m unequal to a brain surgeon’s skill, but I’m skilled in radio production. I don’t deserve a brain surgeon’s salary, but I can earn a living in other ways, if my skills fill other needs.  I can’t grow if I start at the bottom and stay there. I want to keep striving for better, growing my ability and my prosperity so I can have a better life and bless other’s lives. I don’t want to be “equal,” I want to be excellent.

Clinton may not like “growth” but she does like the GOP Establishment.

“Finally, the Republican establishment and their business supporters have woken up,” she crowed, since they’re proving that “the Tea Party can be beaten. That has been demonstrated. They can be beaten because their — their agenda is very radical.”

Those remarks coming after trumpeting Obama shoving Obamacare through “relentlessly,” no matter the consequences.
Obvious point 1: Hillary’s a hypocrite.
Obviously Point 2: The GOP Establishment agrees with her, and will fight with her, against you.
No More Christians in Mosul: Breitbart News reports the last Christian has left Iraq’s second largest city of Mosul on Saturday, ending over 6,000 years of Assyrian history in the city.

Assyrians have lived in Mosul for over 6,000 years, converting to Christianity over 2,000 years ago. This all came to an end on Saturday, when the last Assyrian Christian left the city.

On Thursday, July 17th, the Islamic State (IS)– formerly the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS)– released a statement demanding the Christians in Mosul either to convert to Islam, paying the jizya (tax on non-Muslims), leave the city, or be killed. The threat was to be implemented on Saturday, and by noon, every Christian had chosen to leave.

Since the U.S. invasion in 2003, over 1 million Christians have been exiled from Iraq, leaving only around 300,000 left in the country today.

Tera Dahl from the Council on Global Security says many Iraqi Christians are blaming the U.S. for leaving Iraq in a way that gave the jihadists an opportunity.

“They think that it was a serious mistake for the U.S. to “give Iraq to Iran,” allowing Tehran to have a major influence in the Iraqi Parliament.”

And they are warning the rest of the world that these are international terrorists that did not only come from Iraq, nor will they be contained within Iraq: “These jihadists will eventually go home to their countries, to Canada, England and the U.S.” said one.