Would Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. Approve?


by Dr. Alveda King 

“In the wake of seemingly endless moral debacles such as Planned Parenthood’s slaughter of Tonya Reaves, a young Chicago mother, and Washington’s almost manic stronghold tactics to weaken natural marriage, thousands of African Americans are outraged by the NAACP’s support of abortion and homosexual marriage,” says civil rights activist and minister Dr. Alveda King.

NAACP protests demanding that they support reproductive justice and natural law are mounting. Hundreds of NAACP members have already burned their membership cards in protest of NAACP’s stance on various issues like gay-marriage and their support of and alliance with Planned Parenthood, the largest abortion provider in America who is responsible for the charge towards the reproductive genocide of Blacks.

“This year we shudder to recall the pain and suffering of the millions of mothers and our dead babies after 40 years of the landmine decision of Roe vs. Wade which made abortion legal in the United States in all nine months of pregnancy. My Great Grandfather, Dr. Adam Daniel Williams pastored Ebenezer Baptist Church for over 25 years and was a founding member of the Georgia NAACP. He and his successors; my Granddaddy M. L. King, Sr., Uncle M. L. King, Jr., and my father A. D. King, Sr. all taught and embraced biblical governance. This means that historically and currently the “King Family Legacy” embraces natural law,” said Alveda.

“Our bloodline embraces the teachings of Jesus Christ, outlined in the Holy Bible. The Bible is clear on the tenants of natural life, natural marriage and family. The NAACP’s departure from the wisdom and life affirming principles of the Bible is very alarming, and must be confronted to ensure the safety, security and future of our children,” King added.

In their book LIFE AT ALL COSTS, Alveda and other Black leaders point out that the NAACP has done little in the recent past to protect and advance the reproductive continuity of Black people in America, and less to support women by offering healthy pregnancy options including pregnancy support groups and adoption.

“In fact, their alliances with Planned Parenthood and the anti-natural marriage lobby helps to ensure that the numbers of African American births continue to be curtailed,” the leaders say.

“America is under attack by a three-headed monster, racism, reproductive genocide, and sexual perversion,” says Dr. King. “This monster is destroying America from within. America needs to repent for not shunning the sins of our forefathers.

“We need to forgive and receive forgiveness for the harmful, hurtful influences of slavery and subsequent ties to sexism and racism. We need the blood of Jesus to cleanse us and the full armor of God to protect us,” says Alveda who is a spokesperson for the SILENT NO MORE AWARENESS CAMPAIGN; and has received forgiveness and healing for her own abortions.

“The NAACP needs to return back to their roots and start fighting for biblical values before they become obsolete. It’s been 150 years since Emancipation was penned. Babies are still not free. Wake up NAACP,” King concluded.

DR. ALVEDA C. KING is daughter of the late slain civil rights activist Rev. A. D. King and Niece of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Founder of King  for America, Inc. 

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Reprinted with permission. 

  • Brother that cares

    It is absolutely imperative that we as a people, men and women of every creed and color recognize what is happening to our nation and culture…from within. We cannot idly stand by and support any law, group, rule or person that insists on going against the laws of God which are written and settled in heaven. Our nations seeming refusal to repent should not stop us as individuals from crying out to God as did our Hebrew brethren and sisters many years ago. For he has made an irrefutable promise…If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land. Let us not be crushed under the heavy hammer of pride. I love you all.