With Friends Like These


by Jen Green

I watched a little Fox News over the weekend. The show called “the Five” with Democrat apologist Bob Beckel was particularly enjoyable to watch. Bob, who is an Obama apologist to the bitter end, had to turn himself into a human pretzel to become a pro-war, pro-military complex, pro-John McCain and Lindsey Graham cheerleader. And believe me, he looked none too happy about it.

I mean, to be an Democrat OR Republican apologist means you’re gonna have to lie and spin some of the time. But to become 180 degrees OPPOSITE of what you were when this President was running for office, to be FOR the very thing you said you HATED–that’s just icky (and very Romney-esque). But, Bob did it.

And Obama should send him a fruit basket–‘cuz right now, he’s not got many friends. In fact, if you’re the Moveon.org President and you’re calling John McCain and Linsdey Graham for a chat/desperation session–you know you’re in a world of hurt. No one likes them. No one. But, then again, no one except those paid to like him, is liking this President right now, either.

After his surprise decision on Saturday to talk to Congress first before taking action in Syria (but still reserving the right to strike if they say “no,”), Obama looks weaker than he ever has before in his five years–not just to his own country but to the world. Saturday’s decision was a save face/scapegoat move. When even the UK refuses to help you and Russia is breathing down your neck, the only thing you can do is swerve. His swerve is Congress–and you see how quickly they’re running back to Washington to take this up. And if they vote “no,” he can blame any fall out on them. And if they vote “yes,” he can blame any fall out on them. He made careful attention to call Congress the “people’s representatives” so they’ll get the full force of the people’s rage, not him.

They crazy thing is it’s actually the “right thing to do.” It’s just for all the wrong reasons.

Ahhh, politics. Too bad we don’t have an actual standard for our foreign policy.

In the meantime, Senator Rand Paul is fighting the people’s fight against any action in Syria. It’s the perfect fight for him. On Sunday, he asked David Gregory a simple question, “What is America’s interest in Syria?” In other words, what do we possibly have to gain in this? He also made the interesting (and very germane) point that Assad’s reign has actually protected Christians in Syria–but now the rebels/Al Qaeda are torturing them and killing them.

But the best was when he used John Kerry’s own words against him. From the Business Insider:

“How can you ask a man to be the first one to die for a mistake?” Paul said, twisting a quote Kerry gave before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee in 1971 on the Vietnam War, when he was the face of the Vietnam Veterans Against the War.

Back then, in a preview of the role he would come to play in the Senate, Kerry challenged the committee and said, “How do you ask a man to be the last man to die for a mistake?”

Great question? How can we ask any more of our men and women in the armed services? The apologists are telling us it’ll just be a limited strike, that no armed forces will be on the ground. And CNN fell all over themselves today to say that the amphibious Marines who are stationed in the Mediterranean near Syria who have been told to stay put even though they were scheduled to leave will never, ever see boots on the ground in Syria. Why? Because the President said so? The same Nobel Peace Prize winning President who said he was going to close Gitmo and was going to end the war in Iraq? That President?

I’m sure Assad will just roll over and play dead if we shoot missiles at him. I’m sure it’ll all play out just like Obama, McCain, Graham, and the like think it will. I’m sure no special forces, recon teams, or rescue missions will be necessary. I’m sure Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya have all been flukes. I have no doubt that John Kerry and Chuck Hagel (OF ALL PEOPLE) know exactly what they’re doing here.

I have no doubt.