Where Obama Stands


By Steve Deace

Friend of the program and pollster extraordinaire Scott Rasmussen unveiled some interesting polling data yesterday on the eve of the State of the Union. It’s a composite look at where President Obama stands with the American people on various issues.

Take a look:

Economy: 43% say good or excellent, 39% say poor. Voters consistently rank this the most important issue.

National Security: 54% good or excellent, 29% poor.

Job Creation: 42% good or excellent, 41% poor. 86% of respondents rate this aspect of a presidency “very important.”

Government Spending: 39% good or excellent, 44% poor.

Deficit Reduction: 38% good or excellent, 44% poor.

Economic Fairness: 42% good or excellent, 39% poor.

Small Business: 40% good or excellent, 42% poor. Rasmussen says voters tend to see Obama’s policies as favoring big business over small business.

Taxes: 44% good, or excellent, 39% poor. Just 30% believe we need to raise taxes.

Immigration: 39% good or excellent, 37% poor.

Gun Control: 44% good or excellent, 39% poor.

Conclusion: the only issue where the majority of the American people agree with the current president’s performance is national security, and that’s barely over the Mendoza Line.

This data comes just weeks after the president was inaugurated and after he routed the Republicans in the first showdown of his second term — the fiscal cliff. In other words, it comes at a time he should have the most momentum in his favor, but on the issues he doesn’t. This begs the question of how this guy got re-elected despite little consensus behind his policies.

The answer is who he’s up against.

Karl Rove and the establishment’s plan is working — for the Democrats.

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Photo Credit: Michael T. Ruhl via Compfight cc