They’re Not Going Away


by Jen Green

Old scandals continue to rear their ugly heads for the Obama regime and its allies.

Fast and Furious Repercussions

Seems an inter-department memo from the Obama (in)Justice department has shown that  one of Eric Holder’s Fast and Furious guns was utilized to kill a police chief and his bodyguard in Mexico. So now we know officially what we always knew unofficially–Holder is responsible for violent cartels getting a hold of American guns and killing innocent Mexican (and in some cases American) citizens.

Luis Lucio Rosales Astorga was killed back in January. The department memo shows he was killed by a gun purchased by an American who is now serving 41 months in prison. According to the LA Times: “Instead of being tracked, almost all the weapons were lost as they flooded across the border into Mexico. In all, some 211 people were killed or wounded by Fast and Furious weapons in Mexico, according to Mexican authorities. And on this side of the border, a Fast and Furious weapon was found at the Arizona  scene where U.S. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry was slain in 2010.”

The ATF has no comment about this newest revelation–but said they are still compiling a full list of all the weapons used and will issue a full report. I’m not holding my breath, are you?

IRS Scandal Still Under Scrutiny

Most of the mainstream media (MSM) hasn’t been covering it so maybe you think the IRS scandal has gone away. Not so much. Thanks to the very good work of Representative Mike Kelly from Pennsylvania and some others on the House Ways and Means Committee, what you’ve seen (or not seen) on this scandal is just the tip of the iceberg.

In an exclusive Breitbart interview, Kelly says the “targeting” of Tea Party and conservative groups really isn’t the worst part of what the IRS has done. Kelly says,

“The information that the IRS has on file on people goes pretty deep into personal lives. It is being leaked out and given to people for very specific political reasons. I think this is something that should be the most chilling thing for Americans to understand. 

“This is a branch of government and it is under the executive branch that can be used for a lot of different intimidation elements. Think of what these people have, think of what they have on everybody. If they leak that out to the right person at the right time in the right movement that’s looking to do something, they can completely destroy individuals.”

But maybe the most chilling part of Kelly’s interview with Breitbart is where he discusses the attitudes of the IRS workers they’ve questioned. He cites a complete lack of remorse. In fact, he says “they really do believe they’re above the law. You look at them and you can tell by the way they talk to you.” They utilize the company line and talking points and just figure they’ll be safe.

Unfortunately, they probably are.

Obama’s Egyptian Mess

For an administration that is “not taking sides” in Egypt, Obama has plenty to say about his buds Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood and very little to say about those trying to depose them. Once “democratically elected” Morsi was out, the administration had an emergency meeting–not sure if John Kerry was there or was yachting–to discuss what to do.

The question on the table–does the U.S. keep sending 1.5 billion dollars in aid to the country now that the “democratically elected” government has been ousted. Nevermind the REAL question as to why we’re sending aid to a country whose government is actively persecuting Christians, Americans, and even western journalists–that question has an unfortunate answer.

The Congress is oddly divided on this issue even though by law they should cut the funding. (When did the law ever stop Obama or the Congress, right?) Senators Bob Corker (R) and Jack Reed (D) think the aid should continue; Senator John McCain and Representative Mike Rogers (R) think the aid should stop.

Interesting how McCain is willing to fund the terrorists in Syria who are aligned with Al Qaeda and are killing Christians . . . and now wants to stop aid to the group who has deposed the government that was doing the same. Coincidence?