The Liberal Media is Content with Not Scrutinizing Obama


by Steve Deace

This article was originally published at BusinessInsider

A generation of liberal journalists who made their bones off covering Watergate seems to emerge whenever there is a (Democrat) presidential scandal to sanctimoniously remind us that no matter what this can’t possibly be as bad as All the President’s Men.

Right on cue, enter Carl Bernstein. Between the potential Benghazi cover-up, using the IRS to go after Tea Party groups, and the Obama justice department secretly obtaining months of phone records from Associated Press reporters, this is arguably the worst week of headlines for a sitting president since we first heard the name Monica Lewinsky. And that’s not even counting “Fast and Furious” and the previously revealed secret White House kill list. Nevertheless, Bernstein told MSNBC “we know a lot about President Obama” but we have “no evidence” that he would want to “use the IRS for retribution,” and that scandals like Benghazi aren’t as bad as Watergate but should be looked at in the context of a more polarized society.

If America is more polarized now than it was during the counter-culture revolution/ Watergate era, then we largely have the likes of Bernstein and his ilk to thank for that. They helped to usher in a media culture that has devolved from providing slanted news to no news at all too often.

Case in point, last week most of the media culture that looks up to the likes of Bernstein and strives to emulate him all but ignored Congressional hearings on the Benghazi terrorist attack featuring three whistleblowers—all former Obama Administration employees. The star whistleblower, a registered Democrat who voted for Obama twice and has received almost a dozen meritorious honors in his 22-year state department career, has been ignored by much of Bernstein’s industry protégés. But Bernstein’s industry protégés did regale us for days on end recently with the sexual escapades of a marginal NBA player instead. Apparently we’ve devolved from All the President’s Men to Idiocracy Was a How-To Video.

No one died at Watergate. There were four Americans, including a U.S. Ambassador, lying dead in the ground after the Benghazi attack last September 11th. Watergate was important, for sure, because it dealt with the question of whether or not a president is above the law. But there wasn’t national security at stake or American lives in the balance as there are right now.

Thanks a lot to Bernstein’s media industry descendants we essentially have two Americas when it comes to news and analysis. For example, if you watched Fox last week you got the Benghazi hearings live. If you watched everyone else you got the Arias verdict. There’s no wonder we have so many low-information voters who are better at keeping up with the Kardashians than they are their Constitution. Fox continues to beat all these networks in the ratings. But instead of emulating the competition that is kicking their backside by providing more objectivity, the liberal mainstream media culture just seems to dig in its heels all the more.

A media culture that really wanted to serve a constitutional republic’s best interest rather than advancing its preferred ideology would be spending its resources trying to get answers to crucial national security questions such as:

1.) Were those Americans denied the security necessary to keep them alive beforehand, and if so why?

2.) Why were the families of those dead Americans consoled with promises to hold accountable some hack wannabe filmmaker, who made a movie about Muhammad that hardly anybody saw or heard of prior to Benghazi, when they were told by the top assets on the ground in Libya right away this was a coordinated terrorist attack?

3.) Was former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton fully honest and forthright during her U.S. Senate hearing earlier this year?

4.) Why did the Administration perpetuate their preferred mythology for days publicly following the attack, including sending its top ambassador to disseminate misinformation on the Sunday morning talk shows immediately afterwards?

5.) Did White House Spokesman Jay Carney, himself a former Bernstein media industry protégé, outright lie to the American people at least once?

Mr. Bernstein, if there is “no evidence” this administration would want to use the IRS for political retribution, then pray tell fine sir what exactly the IRS is apologizing for then? What’s more believable, that an administration that claims executive privilege over a “Fast and Furious” scandal (it also claims it has nothing to do with) used the IRS for its own political purposes. Or that some rogue IRS agents in Cincinnati were able to go after who coincidentally represents the president’s chief political opposition all on their own?

There are a lot of bad Republicans, too many for my asking. I often expose them writing in national publications such as this one. But since Watergate and the emergence of the contemporary liberal media culture, there is an aura of suspicion regarding Republicans while Democrats too often get the benefit of the doubt. The liberal mainstream media even uses Democrat talking points like “anti-abortion” rather than “pro-life” in how it frames its coverage. Several times during last week’s Benghazi hearings Democrats didn’t cross-examine the whistle-blowers with questions, but quoted instead from liberal mainstream media sources who attempted to preemptively debunk scrutiny of the matter rather than reporting on it.

Bernstein and his media descendants’ job isn’t to tell us what they think Obama is or isn’t capable of. Their job is to find out what he actually is or isn’t capable of, just as they did with Nixon. Might there be a reason they’re not as eager to find the truth now as they were back then?

  • Greg Mendal

    Not to be taken the wrong way, but, WHO CARES?

    I mean really. Yeah, this will be fodder for the National talk shows, red meat that the Republican Politicians can throw at us to tickle our ears (and distract us from their own poor behavior), best selling books will be written, campaigns might even be won, but at the end of the day, as to real actual effect apart from all the political class money that will be made, no real change.

    Even if this results in Rubio beating Hillary, do you think there’s never going to be another Democratic President? There’s never going to be someone to take over where Obama left off just like Obama just took over from where Bill Clinton took over?

    Hating the left is so fun, and indeed they deserve all the hatred, all the disdain, all the outrage, but at the end of the day, regardless of how deserved, how fun, etc. focusing our efforts on the Democratic Left at this time in our history is meaningless and in a way can result in being counterproductive.

    It takes focus away from defeating the REAL ENEMY, or I should say the FIRST enemy, the enemy we must DEFEAT FIRST before we can even effectively get up to bat against the Clintons, the Obamas, the “future” Obamas of the Democratic Left.

    And that is of course the Republican Establishment, the people you so rightly dubbed the “human shields” for the Democrats.

    Did you hear who Boehner’s daughter married the other day? Oh, you might call it a low blow attacking him through his daughter. But to me it means that Boenher is NOT one of us. He has no comprehension of who we are. He doesn’t think like us, he doesn’t live like us, he doesn’t believe like us. In fact he is exactly like those in the Democrat Left. And given that, I doubt he will even entertain impeachment as even a remote possibility.

    That is why I can’t get too excited about this, or really even the Tea Party as a movement. I do not question their intentions, or their dedication, but I must look to their results. And the RESULT of the Tea Party has been the Re-election of John McCain and the Election of Marco Rubio. That’s what we have seen from them. Sorry, but it’s the substance of what they provided us with.

    We are less than two years out from an historical election (aren’t they all) that will through our action or inaction determine the future of the Republican Party as an opposition party. Will we remove the disappointments of the 2010 elections through real, not phony true constitutionally minded opponents in competitive primaries? Well we didn’t in 2012 so why should we expect any difference now.

    You know, even bringing up these scandals at this point seems practically like beating a dead horse. Shouldn’t these people be brought to justice? Sure, but they for the most part won’t, so again looking at the actual effect of something, this plays in the the Establishment Republicans hands because they can distract us from them. Oh, the rhetoric can flow so easily from this, and rile us up into such an euphoria that we won’t even demand that they promise anything better. It just won’t be even part of the campaign. The Republican establishment has always been good at using our hatred, deserved hatred don’t get me wrong, to deflect, to mask their own terrible behavior.

    Look, I know you weren’t a fan of Ron Paul, and I can’t say I was too much of one either when it came to social issues and even some of his foreign policy. But the way that the Ron Paul people were treated in the caucuses, in the Republican conventions, etc was indeed nothing short of criminal. So yeah, we can talk about the corruption on the Democratic Left, but when it comes to the Republican Establishment they use corrupt practices on a regular basis too. It’s what keeps good candidates from emerging from primaries – I know from 2012 it did on several occasions and it will be employed in 2014 to effect I am more than confident.

    So, as long we don’t put any real meaningful and public focus on the corruption of the Republican Establishment, yeah, I say – so what. At best it gives Rubio his eight years until the next “worst President ever” gets in and all the political class can make money writing books and feeding us red meat on all of that President’s scandals which there sure to will be because since Clinton and Obama got away with it why not!

  • Greg Mendal

    Even if this results in Rubio beating Hillary, do you think there’s
    never going to be another Democratic President? There’s never going to
    be someone to take over where Obama left off just like Obama just took
    over from where Bill Clinton left off?

    But indeed this will distract us from the Boehners, the McCains,the Romney’s, the Rubio’s of the Republican party, especially all the gangster like activity they employ to stop effective opposition to them in primaries.

    So, in the end big money is to be made for the Fox News, the Conservative Political pundent class (who despite what liberals say about us being “uneducated” actually make MILLIONS with their scandal books) over this scandal. And this is great for the Republican establishment who will not have to work for our votes but instead just say IRS SCANDAL and get amazing cheers. But don’t think it changes anything for us who actually want changes in public public.

    It doesn’t. In a way it has just made it much harder as the Republican Establishment can just use this to mask their own behavior.