The Importance of our Local Officials

we the people

by Michael Peroutka, the Institute on the Constitution

America had its beginning when moral, God-fearing men realized and acted on the realization that legislation put forth by Parliament and King George, III, was not, in fact, legal.

The Stamp Act, The Townshend Acts, The Intolerable Acts and other measures did not meet the standard that would make them lawful. Because of this, the authors of our Declaration of Independence labeled those measures as “pretended legislation.”

Our colonial legislatures then interposed on our behalf by declaring that those measures were null, void, and constituted NO LAW,despite the fact that other levels of government had declared them to be valid.

We must recognize that Federal, and in many cases, State governments have enacted measures that are not valid. We also know that there are strong forces and special interests, both in and out of government, which seek to coerce our local leaders – including city and county councils to go along with these acts of “pretended legislation.”

We must approach our local commissioners and council members and other local office holders and we must encourage them not to do so. We must insist that they do NOT rubber stamp violations of our rights and our liberties.

We must encourage all oath-takers to uphold their oaths before God. We must tell them face-to-face that we look to them to protect us and defend us by upholding God’s standard of righteousness in all they do; and to remember that they have a duty to resist, on our behalf, the oppression of what our Founders termed “pretended legislation.”