Something Must Be Done?


by Jen Green

The Aftermath of the Boston Bombings

One suspect is dead, the other apprehended. Now, the postmortem begins.

Here comes the second guessing, the questions, the over-reactions, and the excuses–and the conflicting reports. If we ever know the full truth it won’t be anytime soon.

Some news sources are reporting that the FBI is searching out a terror cell of at least 12 more people all in the Boston area; other news sources are reporting the suspects acted alone.

What we do know for sure is that the Rahm Emmanuel rule has gone into effect: Never let a good crisis go to waste. So, in light of the reports that the suspects were in the country legally but had been investigated by the FBI for possible terrorist ties two years ago, politicians are speaking up.

New York’s Peter King is calling out the FBI, rattling off a list of at least five times the agency has had advanced warning about potential terrorists but have failed to stop them. In this case, Russia tipped off the FBI that Tamerlan Tsarnaev, the older brother, was dangerous. The FBI interviewed him but nothing happened after that. Until last week, he remained off their radar, even after posting the speeches of radical imams on his youtube channel and travelling to Russia for six months last year to visit his father.

King said on Fox News Sunday, “law enforcement needs to focus more intently on the Muslim community, where the terror threat is emanating from.”

Meanwhile, Back in the Senate

Whether the mainstream and political media has been fanning the flames or not, the immigration debate in the Senate may end up breaking down to Team Rubio vs. Team Cruz. Knowing how delighted they’d be for the “conservative” wing of the Republican party to be even more fractured than they currently are leading into the 2014 elections, I hesitate to make their job any easier; however, this time they may be right.

Last Sunday found Rubio all over the talk show world, cheering on the Gang of Eight’s bill. Now, that the treacherous piece of legislation has actually been released we know just a bit more about how bad it really is.  So, this weekend Cruz was doing the talking, making hosts like Lou Dobbs smile by saying, “My mom told me never to join a gang.” He’s against amnesty/a path to citizenship before strengthening the border or streamlining our current legal immigration system.

It’s an interesting breakdown, given both men are of Cuban descent, both are first term senators, both are considered right of center in their politics by the mainstream, and both have been mentioned as possible candidates for 2o16.  If Cruz decides to go “all in” in a crusade against the bill (and he’ll have to do it soon since hearing start this week), the media will be gleefully watching and reporting.

I Thought it was All That and a Bag of Chips? 

The White House has hired a public relations firm to convince “skeptics” of ObamaCare to opt in to the plan.

Yes, you read that right.

Not satisfied with American simply paying the “tax” (a la turncoat John Roberts) to remain uninsured, the White House hired the company to “assist the Department of Health and Human Services with rolling out a campaign to convince skeptical — or simply confused — Americans that the act is good for them and persuade them to enroll in a health plan, ” according to Advertising Age and reported by Newsmax.

Given the abysmal economy, the fact he can no longer say he’s kept us safe on our own soil, and the unflattering reports of what ObamaCare is already doing to folks’ insurance costs, no doubt the marketing campaign will extol the virtues of Obama’s plan in an attempt to brainwa . . . uh, educate the public leading up the 2014 elections.