Resume Building


by Jen Green

The NSA is, to be mild, out of control. The White House says the maniac Assad in Syria is behind the chemical attacks that have killed tens of thousands of his own people. Americans began a week of commemorating MLK Jr’s “I Have A Dream Speech.”

It was a busy news weekend.

We can all pretty much guess how this administration is going to react to each one of these stories: (denial, dithering, more war, and co-opting). Maybe their predictability is one of the reasons the country has such a low opinion of this President, his administration, and the Congress. If there’s one thing American’s hate, it’s to be bored.

And while we don’t have a real opposition party to combat the ennui, we do have several men who want to be the next Commander-in-Chief. They were also making news over the weekend. Let’s see what the possible 2016 GOP candidates are saying and doing to build their resumes.

Texas Senator Ted Cruz

Despite the opposition from the undocumented Democrats in his own party, Ted Cruz is pressing on with is national press tour to rally the grassroots to pressure their Congressmen and women to defund ObamaCare (or, as radio host Mark Levin is now calling it: BoehnerCare).

Cruz is teaming up with Jim DeMint’s Heritage Foundation to try to secure the 41 Senators and 218 Representatives to defund the monstrosity that is already changing the landscape of the American economy more than any other piece of legistation in recent history.  He admits, “We do not have the votes right now. But I believe if we see a grass-roots tsunami, that is going to cause Republicans and Democrats to listen to the people. … It is going to take a tsunami and I’m going to do everything I can to encourage that tsunami.”

And, I suppose it was inevitable, especially as his potential run gained in popularity, but the discussion about Cruz’s birth and eligibility to run for President has already begun. The news broke earlier this month that he was still a “dual” citizen of both the U.S. and Canada. He’s decided to renounce his Canadian citizenship now, but refuses to say that it is because he wants to run for President. Cruz has already released his birth certificate to the media.

His statement about the kerfluffle? “Serving as a U.S. senator, I think it’s appropriate that I be only American.”

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal

Obama’s Department of (in) Justice has decided that it’s simply beyond the pale that any child in America be given the choice to go to a private school–and not be subservient to the governmental indoctrination received in public education. To that end, they are suing the state of Louisiana for providing the voucher system for their citizens who are in counties that are under decades old “desegregation orders.”

Louisiana’s Governor Bobby Jindal has long fought for school choice in his state, has also gone head to head with teachers’ unions. It’s one area he continues to have strong credibility on within the pool of potential GOP nominees. He said of this latest attack by the Obama regime, “Make no mistake — this motion is a threat to the children in our state who only get one chance to grow up and deserve the opportunity to get the best education so they can pursue their dreams.”

It will be very much worth watching what Jindal’s response will be should any federal court rule against him on this issue.

That wasn’t the only news Jindal made over the weekend. In light of the MLK Jr. week of remembrance, he wrote this piece for Politico.

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul

The further bloodshed and chaos in both Egypt and Syria is seriously making the case for Rand Paul’s stand that we stop any foreign aid to both countries, but specifically to Egypt.

Now many of the same Senators who voted to continue the aid earlier this year are signaling they will vote with Paul if he forces a vote on suspending aid. Of course, now that it looks like the Egyptian military is gaining strength against the Muslim Brotherhood–even John McCain now says we should halt funding. His duplicitous reasons aside, it looks as though Rand is going to have a big win on an issue that many (if not most) Americans agree strongly with him on.