No Credit for Doing Your Job


By Steve Deace

To me complaining about media liberal bias is like complaining about the weather. You can’t change it so dress accordingly. And we have done that by creating alternative media. However, what we’ve been seeing recently isn’t liberal media bias, its liberal media malfeasance. I explained the difference in a recent column for CNS News.

Bias slants the news. Malfeasance ignores it altogether.

My most recent column for Business Insider was in response to some comments former Washington Post reporter Carl Bernstein of Watergate fame made on MSNBC Monday. He was attempting to deflect for both Obama and the liberal mainstream media covering for him on emerging scandals like Benghazi, the IRS targeting conservatives, and now maybe 100 reporters for the Associated Press being secretly (see that as illegally) wiretapped by the Obama justice department. Bernstein said of course none of this is as bad as Watergate. In my column I made the case this is actually worse.

Just as my column was being published last night, the liberal mainstream media finally began doing its job. The result was perhaps the worst news cycle for a sitting president since we first heard the name Monica Lewinsky. Obama is now fighting a four-front war—all three of these scandals as well as his own lame-duck status. The AP scandal could be the tipping point, because that is the mouth of the river in liberal mainstream media. AP is to liberal media what the Drudge Report is to many conservatives, meaning it’s the centralized clearinghouse for news and reporting. The Obama Regime targeting one of their own could be what finally gives them the impetus to do their jobs.

And we shouldn’t give them any credit for doing their jobs.

Does your mom thank you for making your bed? Does your dad thank you for respecting your mother? Does your boss thank you for showing up on time and working the entire shift he’s paying you for? Of course not, you thank professionals when they go above and beyond the call of duty, not for doing their duty. That should be a given.

So my advice to you today is not to go soft on the mainstream media because they’re finally doing the job they should’ve been doing all along—which is reporting the news, not deciding what is news or what you should think about it. If anything, the fact they’re suddenly doing their jobs now proves their previous malfeasance all the more.

Keep putting pressure on them. Don’t let them up. And then later on if they retreat back to their previous default position, remind them of the last time they actually did their jobs and that therefore they have no excuse for not doing it now.

This shouldn’t stop until the mainstream media has to choose between preserving the Obama’s presidency or saving Hillary’s 2016 campaign. And when that happens grab the tub-o-corn and gather the family unit ‘round the boob-tube, because there’s no greater entertainment than Democrat-on-Democrat crime.

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