Morning Briefing: November 9th, 2012


By Steve Deace

7 Thoughts on the GOP and the G-O-D                                  

So I’m thinking that any Republican governor that implements Obamacare, and any Republican in Congress that votes for more debt, won’t be the 2016 nominee.

So I’m thinking arguing about how far left the Republican Party needs to move is as pointless as arguing with a meteorologist about a weather forecast you don’t like, as if they can change the weather. The base of the Republican Party didn’t turn out in this election when you moved left, so why anybody would think moving further left would turn them out defies logic. If the GOP moves further left, it’s going to need a new base.

So I’m thinking if the Republican Party was really so business smart and pragmatic it would give its customers what they actually want and win, as opposed to trying to make their customers become something they’re not and lose.

So I’m thinking it ought to be no surprise 2.5 million fewer Evangelicals voted for a candidate endorsed by leftist newspapers like the Des Moines Register than voted 4 years ago.

So I’m thinking the best way to get those 2.5 million Evangelical voters back might be to give them candidates that actually earn their vote, and show them they want their vote. Standing in line with them at Chick-fil-a is a good place to start. Lecturing them to vote for more sell-outs will just mean a million more Evangelicals won’t vote in 2016.

So I’m thinking if Christians debated doctrine with the same intensity they debate elections, America wouldn’t have had Romney and Obama for choices in the first place.

So I’m thinking if Christians contend for the faith in their own churches with as much zeal as they contend for the Republican Party platform, America would be better off no matter who won elections.

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