Morning Briefing: November 13th, 2012


By Steve Deace

Eric Holder Refuses to Reveal Ties to Abortion Clinic

The revelations about Attorney General Eric Holder and his connection to an abortion clinic are becoming worse as new information has come to light showing he failed to disclose his wife’s co-owning of an abortion business. Holder failed to disclose his wife’s ownership of the building. The attorney general’s financial disclosure reports for 2008 through 2011 show Holder neglected to report his wife’s co-ownership.

Fox News Loses Credibility with Conservatives?

Yes, according to long-time conservative media critic Cliff Kincaid, who says only Fox’s liberal commentator Juan Williams got the 2012 election right. Kincaid blames Romney’s loss on his penchant for ducking social issues, which depressed his own base:

Although Catholic leaders were emphasizing the themes of “life and liberty,” a reference to Catholic teachings being challenged by the Obama Administration’s pro-abortion mandates, Romney largely avoided the issue during the campaign. It was a strange omission. Father Frank Pavone, National Director of Priests for Life, said, “The collision course of the Obama Administration with the Catholic Church could have been averted yesterday, but now it is assured instead.” In Maryland, a very liberal state, gay marriage won, but 47 percent voted against it. That was ten points more people than voted for Romney in Maryland. He lost the state 61-37 percent. Again, reflecting his aversion to social issues, Romney stayed out of the controversy, preferring to run a campaign based almost exclusively on economics.

Demise of Karl Rove is Good for the GOP

That’s according to Ralph Benko of Forbes and the American Principles Project, who was just on our show last week. Benko says, “Dislodging the death grip of Karl Rove from its throat would put a new generation of political leaders in charge of the Republican Party.  The new conservative Republican leaders are strikingly formidable.  The leaders of the new generation, like Reagan, and Kemp, before them (and Kennedy still earlier), all recognize the power of the “rising tide lifts all boats”.

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