Morning Briefing: June 5th, 2012


By Steve Deace

Court Says Homosexual Rights Trump Religious Rights

The New Mexico Court of Appeals upheld a ruling by the state’s Civil Rights Commission that a Christian photographer who refused to take pictures of a gay couple’s commitment ceremony violated the state’s discrimination law. The Court of Appeals determined that a photo studio is considered a public accommodation – much like a restaurant or a store. As such, the photo studio may not refuse services based on sexual orientation or gender identity – even if doing so would violate the religious principles of the owners.


Only 7% of Americans in a new Rasmussen survey rate Congress’ performance as “good” or “excellent.” Meanwhile, a whopping 63% of Americans in the same poll say Congress is doing a poor job.

Mormons for Homosexuality

A group of about 300 Mormons rallied in support of sodomy and moral depravity recently in Salt Lake City. Mormon tradition teaches that homosexuality is a sin and for decades church leaders have denounced homosexuality as unnatural, endorsed reparative therapies and excommunicated some unrepentant homosexuals. Since the 1990s, the church also has publicly backed campaigns to preserve marriage. Church leaders have softened their stance on homosexuality in recent years, saying the origins of sexuality are not fully understood. The church also has endorsed Utah laws to protect LGBT people from job and housing discrimination, and in 2010 denounced gay bullying. No word on whether fellow Mormon and self-described “champion” of gay rights Mitt Romney will be the grand marshal for next year’s parade.

  • Scott

    The current Mormon “Prophet” is in his eighties. Don’t be surprised if when he passes on for “God” to have heart change on the issue of Sodomy.  That happens a lot in the Mormon religion. They seem to worship a god that Flip Flops.

    I believe that God has a plan for all of us.

    I believe that plan involves me getting my own planet.

    And I believe; that the current President of The Church, Thomas Monson, speaks directly to God.

    I am A Mormon,

    And, dang it! a Mormon just believes!

    I know that I must go and do

    The things my God commands.

    I realize now why He sent me here.

    If You ask the Lord in faith,

    He will always answer you.

    Just believe in Him

    And have no fear!

    I believe that Satan has a hold of you

    I believe that the Lord, God, has sent me here

    And I believe that in 1978, God changed his mind about black people!

    You can be a Mormon..

    A Mormon who just believes!