Morning Briefing: January 7, 2013


by Jen Green

The middle class is about to get slammed, just like Joe Biden said it would. This “fiscal cliff” compromise the House GOP sold their souls for just last week is going to bilk the middle class taxpayer even more than originally thought–pushing all possibility of a real economic recovery out of the realm of possibility. Newsmax reports that number crunchers who are actually reading the new law and figuring out all the implications (you know, the stuff Congressional Republicans promised they would always do before voting for a bill), are now finding out just how much Mr. and Mrs. Joe Average are going to pay for Boehner, McConnell and company’s lack of spine:

Reflecting the progressive nature of the new tax structure, the Tax Policy Center estimates that workers earning between $50,000 and $75,000 will pay an about $822 more in taxes this year. Compare that to a taxpayer with an income of $1 million, who is expected to shell out an additional $170,000. 

Perhaps the biggest surprise for taxpayers: Despite both parties’ promises during the campaign that taxes would not go up for middle-income wage earners, The Tax Policy Center reports taxes will rise for over 77 percent of American households.”

Don’t know about you, but I’m not sure if I care for this type of “taxpayer relief.”

We’ve surmised often on the show that what’s happening (and not happening) in Congress is merely a reflection of what’s happening to our society on a whole–especially since we are a representative republic (or once was). When we as individuals believed in the principles upon which our founders began this country, our government reflected that. Now, not so much which is why this Politico article makes unfortunate sense.

One in five Americans do not identity themselves as religious in any way–word, deed, or even “in name only.” The numbers of members of Congress who now do the same are also on the rise–10 in this new Congress seated last week.

Yet, in a strange twist of irony, it is our “Christian” re-elected President who made sure to spend time chastising the provisions in the new defense law that protect the religious rights of Christian chaplains in military service to comport themselves in concordance with the Bible.

On a whole, though, the American public will still choose more conservative values at the box office. Movies like the Hobbit, The Dark Knight Rises, the Hunger Games, and even the Twilight series out perform the more liberal themed flicks such as Green Zone and the new “anti-fracking” movie Promised Land.

Hollywood may not like to admit it, but traditional values still play well at the box office. Maybe they’ll use that huge tax credit they just got from Congress to make more family friendly movies. Or . . . maybe not.