Morning Briefing: January 4th, 2013


By Steve Deace

Gun Ownership is a Civic Virtue

Leave it to one of our favorite guests, Douglas Wilson, to use his typical boldness and cutting winsomeness to make the case that gun ownership is a civic virtue right in the middle of a heated cultural discussion of the issue. It’s a piece sure to enrage all the right people. I’ll say this for Wilson, he is certainly no shrinking violet.

Pat Buchanan’s Advice to Republicans

The former aide to Ronald Reagan and long-time conservative pundit chimes in with his take on the strategy going forward for the GOP. Buchanan says given the state of the party and the conservative movement, the best play is just to the Democrats take the lead and bankrupt the country, and then hold them accountable for it in 2016. Read for yourself and decide if you agree or disagree.

How a Political Party Dies

The chairman of the Illinois Republican Party is one of those advocating the destruction of marriage in his home state. This on the heels of an election the Republicans lost because they couldn’t turn out their base at the same rate as the Democrats. At least 7 million fewer whites voted in 2012 than 2008, and at least 2 million of them were evangelicals. In fact, fewer evangelicals and Catholics voted this year compared to 2008, and Romney did worse with staunchly pro-marriage Mormons than George W. Bush did in 2004. Finally, although marriage lost in all four states it was on the ballot last year (after 31 consecutive wins), it still out-performed Romney in each of those states (including 10 points better in Maryland). Destroying marriage won’t just destroy the GOP, though, it will take the whole culture down with it.

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