Morning Briefing: January 24th, 2013


By Steve Deace

Women in Combat

A sure-fire sign your culture has gone belly-up is when those of us who want to protect women and children suddenly become the bad guys. What kind of culture kills 4,000 of its own children per day and then sends its women to the front lines to die gruesomely in combat? Why, one as enlightened as ours, of course. What used to be described as pagan barbarism (i.e. child sacrifice and using women as human shields) is now considered “progressive” as we continue our “forward” march to cultural annihilation. Though this story is three years old, it’s still one of the best explanations why putting women in combat is a heinous practice. Of course, I doubt anybody at the White House  read it before it lifted the protection against putting women in combat.

A House Divided 

For years I’ve been talking about how we’re really two totally different value and ethical systems living together under the same flag. The divide between those two value and ethical systems continues to grow according to a new Gallup Poll. Just days after he was re-inaugurated,  Barack Obama is tied for “most polarizing president ever” in the historical survey, which charts the difference in approval rating for presidents among Americans in both parties. Obama’s approval rating difference between Republicans and Democrats is a whopping 76 points. Gallup has been doing this polling since Eisenhower, and the polarization has gone to a different level the past decade between George W. Bush and Barack Obama. They are the only two presidents in the history of the survey to have an average partisan gap of 60 points throughout their entire presidencies. Notice the Left’s reaction to Obama’s polarizing presidency is to drive out their base by pointing out how loyal he is to their agenda. By contrast, when the Republicans polarize the public their response is to polarize their base, by betraying them in exchange for reaching out to people that will likely never vote for them no matter what.

Liberal Hypocrisy on Parade

Thomas Woods, author of must-read New York Times best-sellers such as Nullification, has a must-see video up on his website today that gives us a glimpse of liberal hypocrisy on parade. The producer of Peter Schiff’s radio program went to the National Mall in Washington, D.C. during Obama’s inauguration to ask a bunch of liberals what they’re personally doing to combat global warming if they care about it so much — zaniness ensues.

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