Morning Briefing: January 22nd, 2013


By Steve Deace

11 Reasons We Know We Are Killing Children

Today is the 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, otherwise known as the day the mass, state-sanctioned slaughter of the next generation began. In the past 40 years credible estimates say anywhere from 50-56 million of our own children have been killed via abortion. And despite all the Orwellian rhetoric about choice and reproductive freedom we know as a culture that killing children is exactly what we’ve been doing these past 40 years. Here’s 11 reasons why we know.

GOP To Betray Us Again (Yawn)

Remember all the tough talk from Republicans about shutting the government down over the debt ceiling when they caved on the fiscal cliff three weeks ago? Now House Republicans have caved again on the debt ceiling, deciding to vote Wednesday to extend Obama’s credit card again until May 18th, when they promise another showdown and that this time they’ll take a stand if the Democrat-controlled Senate doesn’t pass its first budget in five years. I wouldn’t advise holding your breath for that stand, lest you suffocate to death.

Conservative Patriarch Challenges GOP Establishment

Although he’s never been much of a public figure, Morton Blackwell of the Leadership Institute is one of the most respected patriarchs of the conservative movement. Blackwell, also a Republican National Committeeman from Virginia, was one of the biggest names to challenge the Romulan Party Establishment rules changes to take over the party that caused such a controversy at last year’s GOP convention. Now that Romney has lost, Blackwell says it’s time for the GOP to take the power away from the Romulans and give it back to the grassroots.

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