Morning Briefing: January 15th, 2013


By Steve Deace

GOP Establishment Declares War on GOP Voters

Friend of the program and pollster Scott Rasmussen absolutely nails it in his latest column, which is a must-read. Rasmussen says the Republican Party establishment “is gearing up a new effort to protect incumbents and limit the ability of Republican voters to successfully challenge establishment candidates. That makes sense to those whose sole goal is winning a majority in Congress rather than changing the course of government policy. Seen from the outside, though, it sounds like the professional politicians are saying that the only way to win is to pick more candidates like the insiders. Hearing that message, the reaction of many Republican and conservative voters is, ‘Why bother?’ That’s why more than two-thirds of Republican voters believe GOP officials in Washington have lost touch with the party’s base. The Republican establishment has two choices. They can act as mature party leaders of a national political party, or they can protect their own self-interest. Mature party leaders would spend a lot more time listening to Republican voters rather than further insulating themselves from those voters.”

Debt Ceiling Myths

Now this is the kind of journalism the country needs more of, which is actually examining public policy rather than just covering the back-and-forth posturing and grandstanding by the ruling class in both parties. Remember when the media’s priority role was to inform the American people? Neither do I, but this column in the Wall Street Journal does exactly that. Keep it handy for when the Debt Ceiling battle begins, and the ruling class in both parties start clamoring to spend more money we don’t have  with petulant cries that “something must be done.”

Teacher Fired for Handing Out Bible

A longtime substitute teacher in Phillipsburg, New Jersey, has been fired after he shared a Bible verse with a student – and upon request gave the child a Bible. The school board voted Monday night to terminate the employment of Walter Tutka. He was accused of breaking two policies – distributing religious literature on school grounds and another policy that directs teachers to be neutral when discussing religious material.  Joe Imhof, a close friend of Tutka, was at the school board meeting and told Fox News the school board “was basically telling God to go to hell.”

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