Morning Briefing: January 14, 2013


by Jen Green

Doubting Obama

Headlines on most news sites on the Internet are about the Obama administration’s war on guns. Many Americans are rightly nervous, given Washington Republicans inability to stand up to the President in any way. He says he wants to “stop the violence,” and he’s got Joe Biden set to give him suggestions on the issue tomorrow. Will he get tougher gun control laws out of this Congress?

The heads of the biggest 2nd Amendment Groups in our country say, doing their best Lee Corso, “Not so fast!”

Both friend-of-the-show Larry Pratt, head of Gun Owners of America and David Keene of the NRA say Obama will not get any change in gun laws through this Congress, and in specific, Keene says the President will not get a ban on assault weapons as he says he wants.

Yet, both groups acknowledge he could get something–whether it be tighter restrictions on selling and purchasing firearms or tighter restrictions on selling to those deemed “mentally ill.” It is possible that this legislature will cave to pressure from the White House and pass something token . . . and further infringe on our rights.

A House Divided against Itself

The silver lining with a vote like the fiscal cliff debacle is that it flushes out the bad and the “good” (or in politician’s cases, the “not as bad”). It also exposed a very deep chasm in the Washington Republicans that, as Politico points out, the President can (or has already) exploit to his full advantage. The Republicans who caved and voted for the tax-raising “fiscal cliff” legislation are overwhelmingly from blue states, the rest overwhelmingly from red.

Could this be the way for the President to move his agenda on issues like guns and immigration . . . and the debt ceiling? Will Boehner and McConnell toe the line and stand behind their latest tough talk about “no longer negotiating” with Obama?

I don’t know–will Lucy actually let Charlie Brown kick the football?

Is This a Winning Strategy?

Marco Rubio will be a 2016 candidate. Establishment Republicans are panicking and believe they need to sell their soul for the Hispanic vote to win. We know both these things to be solid facts. So, it’s not surprising to see Rubio–who to many in the Establishment represents the perfect marriage of fact 1 and fact 2–laying out a plan such as this one.

12 million illegal immigrants becoming “legal.” Will it work? Is it worth it?