Morning Briefing: January 11th, 2013


By Steve Deace

Bobby Jindal Shows You How It’s Done

The popular Louisiana governor, and likely 2016 Republican presidential candidate, is making another bold play in his home state. After trying massive education reform, Jindal is taking on overhauling the state’s prohibitive tax code. He’s calling for an elimination of all corporate and income taxes in exchange for an increase in the sales, which would be much fairer “pay as you go” taxation rather than a progressive rate that pits classes against one another.

Individuals are Sovereign, not the Government

Fox News personality Andrew Napolitano has written this must-read piece, which lays out one of the fundamental differences in the clash of worldviews currently ongoing in our culture today. This paragraph sums it up nicely: “As we have been created in the image and likeness of God the Father, we are perfectly free, just as He is. Thus, the natural law teaches that our freedoms are pre-political and come from our humanity and not from the government, and as our humanity is ultimately divine in origin, the government, even by majority vote, cannot morally take natural rights away from us. A natural right is an area of individual human behavior – like thought, speech, worship, travel, self-defense, privacy, ownership and use of property, consensual personal intimacy – immune from government interference and for the exercise of which we don’t need the government’s permission.”

National Media Coverage for our Radio Show

On Wednesday night’s show, Virginia Attorney General (and presumptive 2013 Republican gubernatorial nominee) Ken Cuccinelli said it may be time for Christians to be willing to go to jail in order to take a stand against the Obama Administration’s attempts to thwart our Constitutionally-guaranteed religious liberty. That statement has made waves. Fox News and the Associated Press have referenced his appearance on our show, as has Politico in this story. However, the article also references my comments on the potential 2016 Republican presidential field. While the quote attributed to me is not incorrect, it is a tad incomplete so I wanted to provide the word-for-word quote I put into an email to them here:

“I’m interested in coalescing conservatives without selling my soul so we don’t get anymore Mitt McDoles as nominees. There are some candidates that if they run have the star power and street cred to coalesce conservatives right away like Huckabee, Palin, Walker, etc. Barring their candidacies, and I’m skeptical any of them will run, there is a new breed looking at 2016 that appeals to multiple conservative factions so they have the potential to pull that coalescing off. Three of those candidates are Rand Paul, Bobby Jindal, and Marco Rubio.”

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  • Gregg Jackson

    Wonder if Jindal will enforce the inalienable right to life for all pre born babies?

  • Chris Downey

    Conservatives should co-opt some libertarian fiscal and non-interventionist positions. But don’t fret coalescing with the Libertarians–the world view thing just won’t allow it. Their mojo will now fade with their champion’s retirement.

    Paul-the-younger, Jindal, and Rubio are GOP establishment-lite. Concur about Huckabee, Palin, Walker. Cuccinelli and West should be pressed to take up the flag.

  • surfcitysocal

    “It may be time for Christians to be willing to go to jail in order to
    take a stand against the Obama Administration’s attempts to thwart our
    Constitutionally-guaranteed religious liberty.” Agree.

  • Sid

    Jindal and Rubio are not “natural born” citizens. This means more than merely that one has to be an US citizen at time of birth. It means the parents have to be US citizens at the time of birth. And in both cases this was not the case.

    • Sid

      At the time of the child’s birth.