Morning Briefing: December 6th, 2012


By Steve Deace

“A Party of Rackets”

That’s how former Reagan biographer Craig Shirley described the Republican Party in this interview with The American Spectator. Shirley is now a partner in one of the most successful P.R. firms in the country, and in this no-holds-barred conversation says the Republican Party has become so incestuous that a commission ought to be put together to give it a forensic audit.

Florida Senate President Says You Should Be Hanged

Friend of the program Kris Anne Hall (check out her front page article on the website today), a former Florida prosecutor who was fired for teaching the Constitution to state Tea Party groups, recently met up with Florida Senate President Don Gaetz. In the midst of a spirited conversation, Gaetz mocked the Founding Fathers saying their interpretation of the Constitution is (irrelevant) today, and Gaetz — quoting Andrew Jackson — added that Americans who agree with The Declaration of Independence ought to be shot and hanged. Ironically, Jackson himself engaged in the very nullification that Gaetz is calling treasonous by ignoring a Supreme Court opinion dealing with the Cherokee Indians.

Jim DeMint Resigns

With four years still to go on his term in the U.S. Senate, South Carolina’s conservative champion Jim DeMint has resigned his seat to take over the leadership of the Heritage Foundation, one of the leading conservative think-tanks in the country. DeMint believes he can be more influential on public policy from the outside-in than he can from the inside-out.

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