Morning Briefing: December 4th, 2012


By Steve Deace

Sex Ed Goes Hardcore, a San Francisco-based pornography production house, is offering a new kind of sex-education class – with live demonstrations by porn stars. The “classes” have been going on for months and feature live demonstrations following a lecture. Topics have included oral sex, something called “femdon,” and the use of sex toys. I know what you’re thinking. Like me, you’re actually surprised that it took this long for it to come to this.

Surrender Now Before It’s Too Late

The folks over at Red State don’t exactly give John Boehner’s offer to President Obama to avoid the fiscal cliff rave reviews. Red State candidly says, “when you begin negotiations agreeing to 60% of the demands of the other side and fail to offer a bold contrast on the other 40%, you are headed for an outcome that is 80-90% favorable to your opponent.  Second, when you need to outsource your budget plan and entire view of government to Democrat Erskine Bowles, you are relegating yourself and your party to irrelevancy.” The Heritage Foundation isn’t much kinder to the GOP, describing Boehner and company’s offer as “preemptive surrender.”

How to Reach Hispanics

There is legitimate concern among Republicans about how to reach the growing and increasingly influential group of Hispanics, but so far most of that talk centers around exactly how much Republicans need to sell out to reach this key voting bloc. But a new poll out of Illinois, not exactly a conservative state, suggests otherwise. A majority of Hispanics in Illinois said they were pro-life and pro-marriage, and a plurality of them believe more gun laws don’t equal more safety. Almost twice as many Hispanics described themselves as “conservative” compared to “liberal” as well. However, when it came to party identification, Democrats out-numbered Republicans two-to-one. Translation: Hispanics agree with the GOP on all the issues the GOP is trying to run away from. If you really want to reach out to people, shouldn’t you start where you have some common ground? Is there anything more pragmatic than that? Apparently not if you’re the Republican Party establishment — blowing elections since 1976.

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