Morning Briefing: December 3, 2012


by Jen Green

2nd Amendment Rights at Risk

The tragic weekend murder-suicide of Kansas City football player Javon Belcher have already triggered the suspected wave of anti-gun rights rants, but this time one of the usual suspects chose an interesting venue to air his proposal to rid Americans of their 2nd amendment rights.

Bob Costas, liberal and ubiquitous sports commentator, decided to utilize his bully pulpit during his halftime monologue of last night’s episode of Sunday Night Football on equally liberal NBC. Mr. Costas might want to consider his audience the next time he takes on such a controversial topic. Just over the weekend, friend of the program Scott Rasmussen’s poll shows football to be America’s favorite sport by far. Given the breakdown of this year’s election map, it’s pretty safe to assume a large portion of last night’s viewing audience were from some pretty hefty “red” areas, including a VERY large portion of the audience watching their Dallas (God bless Texas) Cowboys.

The “guns kill people” argument is so ridiculous I won’t waste space here shooting fish in a barrel. However, I would urge folks to consider this–Bob Costas has every right to voice his opinion. But, so do you. It’s a gift-giving time of year–and the right to keep and bear arms is one size fits all.

If we don’t use our rights, we will lose them. Anti-gun politicians  are slowly but surely trying to take them away from us, including Democrats in the U.S. Senate. As is typical, they are starting with a a small segment of the population and will eventually work their way to larger groups. In the Senate right now is a defense bill including language to take away the right for veterans who have been deemed “incompetent” to purchase hand guns. Oklahoma Senator Coburn is fighting it–Charles Schumer from New York is a proponent.

Potentially GREAT News

Here’s a chance for Republicans to actually get something right. J.C. Watts, former Oklahoma congressman, tells Politico that he is being “encouraged” to consider the position of RNC chair. He’s not openly criticizing current president Reince Priebus, but he does say, “In this business if you’re not growing, you’re dying.”

In my opinion, Watts would be an excellent–and possibly last gasp–choice for the party nationally. This article lays out some of the reasons why–I highly recommend reading it in full. What it won’t tell you though is this–Watts identity is not in his skin color OR his party affiliation; it is in his Christian conservative values. Add to that the fact that he is a respected, southern state, black conservative would help the GOP. Unfortunately, that’s probably the reason they won’t want him.

Can Reporting Get any Lazier?

Apparently the phantom “right to privacy” that allows a woman to kill her baby doesn’t extend to Americans who want to stay away from the prying eyes of drones. Now, states are giving media sources grant money to study or purchase “drone journalism”–sending drones where people are too lazy uh, “can’t” go.