Morning Briefing: December 12th, 2012


By Steve Deace

Michigan, the Mobocracy Loses

As we’ve seen before, when those who believe they’re entitled to what doesn’t belong to them don’t get their way they tend to lash out like children and we see the mobocracy on full display. Such was the case yesterday in Michigan, which officially became the 24th Right to Work state in the union. This gives the state I grew up in a chance to reverse what has essentially been a decade-long, one state depression and demographic winter. The top 7 states with the lowest unemployment are Right to Work states. 9 of the top 10 states to live and own a business are Right to Work states according to CNBC. Personal income grows at twice the rate in Right to Work states compared to non-Right to Work states. Yet don’t share those facts with those who are determined to have these United States follow in the same footsteps as Western Europe. The mobocracy tore down a tent belonging to Americans for Prosperity. Then the mobocracy punched a Fox News contributor in the nose, which has always been a successful way of letting others see the righteousness of your cause said no one ever. Can you imagine, for example, if Christians did those to homosexual activists? It would be the lead story on every mainstream media outlet in Western Civilization. They’d interrupt the Super Bowl to cover it. But I digress.

Furthermore, teachers are setting a not-so-excellent example for their students by promising to shut down schools by calling in sick and not showing up in protest. Perhaps they should be more concerned about the fact only 7% of Detroit’s 8th graders are proficient in reading instead? Imagine you failed at your job 93% of the time, would you still have one? Of course, but you live in the realities of economics and a meritocracy, which the mobocracy have fancied themselves immune to for decades. Unfortunately, magical thinking only lasts for so long and then the bill comes due, and it’s finally coming due in states the mobocracy has destroyed like Michigan.

California, the Mobocracy Wins

What happens when gutless politicians and a complacent populace stand by and give into all of the mobocracy’s demands? Look no further then California. The state’s population is the next to face a demographic winter, with more people moving out then moving in. And where has most of that exodus gone? Why to Texas, of course, whose policies are almost the polar opposite and have therefore produced much more opportunity and prosperity in a state where 38% of the population is Hispanic. Other than Hollywood, about the only people prospering in California nowadays are government employees. The state has over 245,000 employees, by far the most government workers in the nation. Those workers are paid an average of $60,317 in salary plus a phenomenal retirement/benefits package, also by the far the best in the nation. And the $963 million California taxpayers shelled out in overtime pay to state workers in 2011 is more than the next 7 most populous states combined. By the way, on average the typical California state employee makes over 30% more than Californians employed in the private sector.

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