By Steve Deace

Up front let me say I could be completely wrong about this.

It’s entirely possible that I am so disgusted by the current leadership of the Republican Party that I can no longer be objective, and therefore even when they get it right I’m unable to see it. And this could be one of those times.

But try as I might to get all fired up about RNC Chairman Reince Priebus threatening NBC and CNN with banishment from the 2016 GOP presidential primary debates if they don’t cease and desist producing Hillary Clinton propaganda documentaries, I just can’t muster the enthusiasm. Yes, the party should’ve stood up to media propaganda years ago. Yes, I’m one of those people that don’t understand why the party just goes along with liberal ideologues as presidential debate moderators. Yes, I’ve been saying for years it was time to fight Hardball “journalism” with hardball.

So why am I struggling to get on board with this?

Because to me this seems like a completely contrived controversy. This is the same Reince Priebus who said nothing when a majority on the Supreme Court attacked his base a month ago and decided they – not God – could define marriage. This is the same Reince Priebus that put forth a report on what changes the GOP needs to make that his counterpart at the DNC could’ve written.

This is the same Reince Priebus that has urged the GOP to lead on scamnesty. This is the same Reince Priebus who refuses to listen to pleas from respected leaders like Morton Blackwell to undo the unpopular and Draconian rules changes implemented by the establishment at last year’s convention.

At a time when current Republican leadership is flirting with funding Obamacare, extending Obama’s credit card, and taking part in what the Heritage Foundation describes as a $6.3 trillion Democrat voter drive disguised as immigration reform, I guess I’d kind of like to see leadership on policy issues that actually impacts our lives. I guess I’d kind of like to see leadership on defeating the Obama/Hillary agenda before we get to 2016, because by then it might be too late.

After all, wasn’t this the same party leadership who told us if we didn’t do everything humanly possible to get the most liberal Republican governor ever elected president last year the world would end? So where’s their sense of urgency now? I guess I’d actually like to see a real difference between the two parties, as opposed to one side putting the pedal to the medal towards the ash heap of history while the other side just goes the speed limit.

Priebus has a powerful bully pulpit, and he could be using it to “encourage” Republican leadership in Washington, D.C. to actually lead for a change. Similar to how my state party chairman “encouraged” Republicans in my state legislature not to cave on raising taxes. That’s how you make the Republican Party relevant to people again. Be seen as a vehicle to enact positive change on behalf of the American people, not as a vehicle for petty partisan sniping that frankly no one outside each side’s groupies and consultant class gives a rip about.

Right now the signature legislation of the current Democrat president has never been more unpopular. Right now the most popular Republicans in Washington, D.C. are actually trying to stop it from being imposed on the American people. This is legislation that also threatens religious liberty and promotes child killing in an unprecedented fashion, not to mention will skyrocket the cost of healthcare for every American family. Why not take a stand against that, rather than television networks that fewer and fewer Americans are watching anyway?

By the way, did anybody over at the RNC bother to think that by raising this issue they’re actually giving this propaganda free promotion?

Besides, there is no evidence these sorts of films even work. The top grossing political documentary of all-time, Fahrenheit 9/11, didn’t get John Kerry elected in 2004. The second-highest grossing political documentary of all-time, 2016 Obama’s America, didn’t help Mitt Romney win the presidency. More likely, these sorts of movies cement people’s views rather than change them.

So for all the talk of a new, more proactive GOP, Reince Priebus comes out of his spider hole to do a publicity stunt on the same old inside baseball the average American suffering through the worst “recovery” ever is sick and tired of.

Count me out as well.

Then again, I could be completely wrong.

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